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USB-C in iPhone 14 Pro, Seriously? Yes

iPhone 14 Pro USB-C port
© Macrumors

iPhone 14 Pro could be the first iPhone equipped with a USB-C port. It’s getting harder and harder for Apple to legitimize Lightning.

While a DIY student managed to add USB-C connectivity to an iPhone, Apple was not yet ready to take the plunge this year and is sticking to its Lightning port. But that may soon change.

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The Lightning has had its day

According to a report by iDropNews, which cites several sources close to the matter, Apple would seriously consider integrating a USB-C socket on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. It is not clear whether the normal iPhone 14 would also switch to this standard.


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One of the reasons for this switch to USB-C would be to boost transfer rates. Lightning is very limited in this area and USB 4 would drastically reduce the duration of file transfers. For a device like the iPhone Pro intended for professionals, and especially since the arrival of the ProRes video format, which produces very large files, it seems high time to leave the Lightning behind.

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There will only be one left (and that will be USB-C)

Another argument is that Apple has to prepare to adopt USB-C for legal reasons anyway. The European Commission wants to impose a universal USB-C charger, and the United States is also leading discussions in this direction. In Europe, the obligation could come into force in 2024; Apple would then begin a smooth transition from 2022.


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Last point raised by iDropNews, the switch to USB-C would undoubtedly be good news for the environment, and we know that Apple communicates a lot on this aspect. The manufacturer might even be tempted to pull the cable out of boxes like it did with chargers, arguing that everyone already has a USB-C cable at home, and save money.

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Source: iDropNews

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