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Úrsula Corberó says goodbye to Argentina: you can’t wait to see the great movie she has shot there

Úrsula Corberó says goodbye to Argentina: you can't wait to see the great movie she has shot there

Ursula Corberó He has spent the last few months in Argentina, and not only for reasons of pleasure in the company of his partner, the actor Chinese Darin. The actress has been working on an Argentine film about which until now many details were unknown, but now we know that it is one of the most powerful projects of current Latin American cinema.

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Is about kill the jockey the long-awaited new feature film Louis Ortega, director of The Angel (2018). Úrsula Corberó is the protagonist along with the Argentine Nahuel Perez Biscayart (120 beats per minute, One year, one night) leading a stellar cast where we will also find Daniel Gimenez Cacho (Zama), Mariana Di Girolamo (Emma), Daniel Fanego (The Angel) and Roly Serrano (Youth).

Úrsula Corberó’s favorite Argentine food

The actress of The Money Heist has said goodbye to Buenos Aires with a heartfelt message on his Instagram profile where he details the dishes of Argentine gastronomy that you will miss the most. “I have danced the mallet and I have eaten a lot, and very tasty things like chori and chipá and flan with all its garnishes and empanadas, the more juice they have, the happier you get,” writes the actress.

However, it is the photos and videos that he has posted on his carousel that are sure to make your mouth water with that chipa stuffed with cheese and egg that overflows on the plate.

As published Variety, the project of kill the jockey which has already concluded its shooting phase, has been quickly sold for international distribution. The production, which has the director of photography Timo Salminen, habitual of Aki Kaurismaki and Lisandro Alonso, It has been easy for her to become one of the most anticipated movies of 2024.

‘Kill the Jockey’: synopsis of the new Úrsula Corberó

Kill the Jockey tells the story of two horse riders. Úrsula Corberó plays Abril, a promising young woman who must decide between motherhood and a career that could bring her as much fame as Remo (Pérez Biscayart), the best jockey of her generation, whose glory has been progressively overshadowed by her addictions.

When Remo has an accident where a precious horse dies, his criminal boss (Giménez Cacho) puts a price on his head. He is forced to flee through the streets of Buenos Aires, where Abril also looks for him, hoping to find him before it is too late.

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