Up to 90 days: WhatsApp self-destruct message becomes more practical

WhatsApp self-destruct message

WhatsApp is finally extending the period for its self-destruct message feature. This means that you can have messages disappear automatically after a maximum of 90 days. The shortest period is 24 hours. How you use the feature has hardly changed.

  • WhatsApp self-destruct function, which has been in beta since August last year, is now available to all users.
  • You can keep your messages longer before they are automatically deleted.


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The extended period for self-erasing messages on WhatsApp had already been in beta since August last year. The feature has now been officially introduced and should also appear on you from Tuesday, December 7th. If not, we will tell you in the linked instructions how you can update WhatsApp manually.

WhatsApp self disappearing message: 24 hours or 90 days?

In an entry on the WhatsApp blog, the messenger team announced the function. As you may know, the self-destruction of messages was previously set to 7 days. The extended period appeared at beta testers as early as August. The two new time options give you more control over the chats. How it all works, you can see here again in detail:

  1. Opens Whatsapp.
  2. Go to Settings> Account> Privacy.
  3. Choose the option “Time to Disappear “ the desired duration and confirms your choice.

Your existing chats are not affected by this change. In addition, you can now activate self-deleting messages for all of your chats at once and no longer just for one after the other as before. The function can also be activated for new group conversations.

WhatsApp disappearing messages Beta 24h
The feature appeared in the WhatsApp beta a long time ago! © WABetaInfo

Please note, however, that the messenger will show a message in your chats to inform your conversation partner that you are using the function.


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What do you think of these changes? Do you use the WhatsApp self-destruct message? Let us know in the comments!