Unsolved Mysteries: Netflix releases season 3 trailer; watch!

On Tuesday, October 4, Netflix released the trailer for season 3 of Unsolved Mysteries. In the month of Halloween, the streaming platform brings new episodes of the documentary series that tell stories of disappearances, unexplained deaths and supernatural events.


Based on the 80s series of the same name, the production not only recounts what happened, but also encourages viewers to solve the mystery. For this, tips and evidence are provided that help to complete the puzzle, although most of the time it is impossible to find out what actually happened!

Check out the season 3 trailer below:


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Although the streaming platform has not yet confirmed how many episodes will be made available in the 3rd volume, it is very likely that there will be six. After all, that was the amount in the first two seasons and Netflix should follow the same format.


The documentary series is inspired by the production of the same name that was successful in the 80s and explores the mysterious world of the supernatural, disappearances and deaths that no one can explain. As with the natural project, the new episodes feature re-enactments and interviews to report the facts.

The first episodes arrive in the platform’s catalog on October 18. The following week, on October 25th, more episodes will be released; finally, on November 1st, the last episodes of the season arrive. The first two seasons are available and you can marathon before the premiere.

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix


So far, Netflix has not yet released the synopsis of all the mysteries reported in the new episodes. So keep an eye out for more!

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