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Unknown Google Translate Options That Will Make Life Easier

Google It has a wide variety of applications. The Google translator It is one of the options that technology has and that surely many have used on more than one occasion on the web and the mobile application, but is it really taking advantage of all its potential?


The translator has many more possibilities of use than users might believe, that is why several of them are explained below.

1.- Translate entire documents

If possible upload a file for Google to translate it instead of copying and pasting a few paragraphs. To do this, go to the Google translator application or this link and select the section documents located in the upper left. Then select the file to translate, click on To accept and wait for Google to finish doing its job.

2.- Listen to the translation


This option may be known by many, but for those who do not, they should know that Google can be ordered to say some sentences out loud. Can be very helpful for those who are studying a language and have doubts about the pronunciation or are in another country and they want the translator to say for them what they need.

To make Google speak the sentence, you need to click on the speaker icon in the lower left of the text box.

3.- Translate web pages


There are two ways to make Google translate a web page in a few seconds. The easiest is from Google Chromeyou must select the icon Google translator which appears automatically on foreign language sites and is located at the end of the address bar, near the bookmarks star icon.

The second option takes longer since it is necessary to go to the translator application, the same one where documents can be uploaded, choose the tab Websites and enter the URL of the site. After pasting it, click on the white arrow inside the blue circle.

4.- Obtain different definitions

There are some occasions that the Google translation can be seen as something forced and unnatural. In these cases, you can get different definitions, since the meaning of some words can change.


After translating the text, Google automatically places the meaning of the word at the bottom of the text box, as well as some nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and even examples of how the word is used in a sentence.

5.- Translate voice dictation

This modality can be useful for those who are traveling abroad or studying another language and have doubts when listening to someone speak. For that they can make Google listen to a conversation, which will transcribe and translate.

In this case, instead of placing the text, you must press the microphone icon located in the back left of the translation box and accept the permissions that Google requests.

6.- Write and translate

This is different from copying the text. In this case, Google gives the user the option to write a word. For example, if you are in a country, studying or revising something in a language with a different alphabet, such as China, Korea, India, Russia, and you don’t know how to find those characters, you can choose the touch typing keyboard and let Google find out what it means.

To activate it, go to the application and locate the keyboard icon that is located on the back right of the translation box. Click on the gray down arrow to bring up the options and select touch typing. To select the detection language you must press the language bar.

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