Home Entertainment Unfortunate Night 2: producer talks about possible sequel to the film

Unfortunate Night 2: producer talks about possible sequel to the film

Unfortunate Night 2: producer talks about possible sequel to the film

Released on December 1st of this year, the film Noite Infeliz (Violent Night), brought actor David Harbor (Stranger Things) in a role, shall we say, curious: a bloodthirsty and vengeful Santa Claus. In the action-packed plot of the Christmas feature, Noel needs to save a wealthy family from a group of mercenaries who are holding them hostage. Which the bearded man does in the most violent way possible, of course, as the title of the work reveals.

  • Unfortunate Night: Stranger Things actor becomes bloodthirsty Santa Claus

With the initial success of the film, many already question whether Night Unfortunate could win a sequel and even become a franchise, putting the Christmas figure on a deadly journey, in a mixture of John Wick and Die Hard. And who spoke on the subject was Kelly McCormick, producer of the film.


In an interview with Collider, Kelly revealed that he would love to see an Unfortunate Night 2, but that this will depend on the success of the first film, which was just released.

“We are working on several [filmes] originals at the moment. We are even working on Nobody 2. We hope to start work on Unfortunate Night 2, if all goes well in the coming weeks. We have a habit of keeping our heads down and focusing on what’s in front of us, or next. So yes, that’s it. We’re on it. We still have two and a half months of work to do.”


Kelly’s speech goes against what usually happens in the world of cinema: if the film is successful enough, it will win a sequel. Otherwise, it will not move forward as the costs would not be covered in the future. Lucky for those who liked unhappy night, however, the film opened well in the United States, grossing $13.3 million in its opening weekend. The forecast was US$ 10 million.

As for the reception of the work, it has been mostly positive. Directed by Tommy Wirkola, Bad Night has a 7.1 on IMDb and a 70% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The public, on the other hand, liked it even more, giving the film a 90% approval rating. All this, of course, until the production of this article.

The film therefore emerges as a fun and different option for those who don’t want to watch traditional Christmas movies, which populate cinema and streaming at this time of year.

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