Uncertainty with WhatsApp: What does “security number has changed” mean?

The message “Your security number has changed” is currently unsettling many users: inside WhatsApp! If you have also received the message, TechMarkup will tell you what it means and how you can deactivate the annoying notifications.

  • Many WhatsApp users get the message “Your security number has changed” in November
  • This is a number that is required for the secure encryption of chats
  • Once you have received the message, you don’t have to do anything else – but you can deactivate the annoying message


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Even if WhatsApp is repeatedly criticized in terms of data protection, Messenger has been encrypting your chats for several years. The recently renamed “Meta” Facebook works with 60-digit security numbers that are supposed to secure messages from the eyes of third parties. In November, many NextPit readers received the message “Your security number has changed”.

In our forum on the morning of November 5th, many people cavort in a thread in which this is exactly what it is. I was also able to find concerned WhatsApp users on Twitter. So I took on the matter once and did a little research.

“Your security number has changed”: What the message means and how you can avoid it in the future

WhatsApp updates the security numbers regularly and you usually don’t even notice them. As WhatsApp writes on an info page, this happens when one of your contacts reinstalls the messenger or changes his / her mobile phone number. The code is automatically transferred, but you can be notified of this if you wish. You can do this via a setting in WhatsApp.

  1. Controls the WhatsApp settings
  2. Then tap on “Account”
  3. Select “Security”
  4. Here you can turn the security notifications on and off


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Perhaps this switch is set to “On” with you and that is the reason why you got the message. WhatsApp may have changed something to the security codes of some users in November, and that is the reason why you received a message. While I asked WhatsApp for the exact reason, once again to reassure you:

The fact that your security number has changed is no cause for alarm!

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