‘Tyler Rake 2’: Netflix’s action success confirms its saga potential with a sequel that drinks from Jason Bourne and James Bond


Tyler Rake, based on the novel City of Ande Parks, came to Netflix in the middle of the pandemic and became an instant success. His secret of conquest? suffocating action, Chris Hemsworth leaving his muscled skin and his most taciturn charisma in each scene, and those impressive sequence shots, drawn on paper by joe russo and transferred to the screen by Sam Hargrave.

This film was already pointing ways to be the foundation stone of an entire cinematographic universe. Well, three years later, Netflix doubles, triples and even quadruples the bet with its sequel, tyler rake 2, in which Hemsworth once again stars in the most maddening action sequences (with the permission of Tom Cruise’s) as a covert operations mercenary.

The production is endorsed by the same creative team that raised the first bet, but will also have to deal with the expectations of the fans who accompanied the protagonists through Bangladesh. The Asian country gives way to cold Georgia and Austria in this second mission, a much more personal assignment for the protagonist.

‘Tyler Rake 2’ review


The sequels are not an easy task. They are usually saddled with the onus of proving the first one wasn’t a matter of luck while also laying the groundwork for a sequel or even a lasting saga. In this context, Tyler Rake 2 he takes his duty to up the ante at every level very seriously.

Once again, action is the common thread in a new escape after an impossible rescue, reaching its zenith in a prodigious 21-minute faked sequence shot. Although the cinema often abuses this resource, here it is justified with its suffocating staging, its careful execution and, above all, with its total submission to the plot, making the viewer feel the anguish, the pain in real time. or the cold suffered by the protagonists.

Sam Hargrave may not discover anything new in these perfectly choreographed sequences, but he raises the bar and makes our pulse race, our ears ring after an impact, make us fear the impact of an approaching helicopter, almost. as if it were a video game.

Tyler Rake 2 It’s an over-the-top action party, yes, but it also has more heart than its predecessor. It does not distract with shots or settle for explosions, like the first installment, but instead explores Rake’s psyche, the traumatic loss of his son, the entrenched grief. It is the mission of a soldier, of a killing machine, but also of a father and a husband; it’s the origin story Hemsworth needed to make his mercenary the protagonist of a saga.

With its sequel, Tyler Rake hug her side more Jasonbournian: he is infected by the spy movies, his stylistic ambition and the x-ray of the tormented action hero. It is also confirmed as a franchise, with secondary stars that shine (Golshifteh Farahani) and the well-known ultra-secret organization sneaking in at the end of the film through Idris Elba, a kind of M and Nick Fury starting the “initiative Tyler Rake.”

This new universe still has a way to go to achieve that perfect balance between action and narrative background that references such as the Bourne or James Bond films achieved, but it leaves you wanting to know more about Tyler, to see how they overcome that shot sequence of 21 minutes. An excellent sign that the Rake formula works.

‘Tyler Rake 2’ synopsis

Tyler Rake, With the Australian falling into the water after being shot several times in the last minutes of the film, it seemed conclusive and in no way interested in giving rise to sequels, but it became one of Netflix’s greatest hits and this initial idea changed. In a later teaser, Rake opened his eyes underwater and confirmed that he survived the denouement.

Right there begins its sequel, with Rake recovering from his injuries and practically retired, until he is entrusted with a lethal mission: to get the family of a ruthless Georgian gangster out of jail, a task that will allow us to discover more about the protagonist’s past. .

‘Tyler Rake 2’ release date and duration

tyler rake 2, which lasts 122 minutes, comes three years after the first film: it will be available June 16 on Netflix.

‘Tyler Rake 2’ director

Hemsworth once again collaborates with Sam Hargrave on this sequel. With an established career as a stuntman and stunt coordinator, he has worked on some of the most ambitious productions in the genre in the last 10 years.

Without going any further, he has coordinated the most dangerous sequences of the MCU, from Captain America: Civil War to Avengers: Endgame. Outside of the fruitful world of capes and tights led by Kevin Feige, also home to Hemsworth, Hargrave has signed on as the franchise’s action coordinator. The Hunger Games and in films like Atomic, Suicide Squad either Deadpool 2.

At 40, this man of action sits back in the director’s chair to Tyler Rake 2 (debuted behind the scenes in Tyler Rake), in which he once again collaborates with the Russos. The brothers produce the film with their production company, AGBO, and the script is in charge of Joe Russo.

‘Tyler Rake 2’ cast

Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili join Hemsworth as co-stars in this second adventure that moves to Georgia and Austria. Golshifteh Farahani and Adam Bessa repeat as allies of the protagonist and Olga Kurylenko gets into the skin of Rake’s ex-wife.

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