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Two Spanish women among the 40 most influential women in international cinema, according to THR

Two Spanish women among the 40 most influential women in international cinema, according to THR

In the search for gender equality in the film sector, the female presence is progressively strengthened in the most relevant positions in the industry. So, Two Spaniards have managed to sneak this year into the list of the 40 most influential women in international cinemaprepared by the North American media The Hollywood Reporter.

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Valérie Delpierre, CEO of the company Inicia Films, is present in this impressive list. Behind this woman is the head of the I support filmmakers like Carla Simóndirector of summer 1993 (winner of the Goya for best new director) and alcarràs (Berlin Golden Bear). Delpierre, born in Monaco and with an extensive professional career in Spain, is also behind the work of other directors such as Pilar Palomero (the maternal, girls) and of Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren (20,000 species of bees).

In this inventory of great professionals in the sector we also find the name of Pilar Benito Peña, general director of the company Morena Films and responsible for recent successes such as the horror film directed by Charlotte Pereda, little pig (present at Sundance and Fantastic Fest in Texas), as well as great successes of Spanish cinema such as Cell 211, starring Luis Tosar and Alberto Ammann.

The role of these executives adds to the good work of national filmmakers, who have managed to increase their presence in international cinema and whose names resonate strongly in the awards season. A way of end the predominance in the cinematographic sector of the male figure, creating real equity that is still under construction after decades of neglect.

The 40 most influential women in international cinema

This index of reputable women in the profession also includes figures such as Kristina Borjesonthe Swedish production company behind the worst person in the world and of The triangle of sadness; Benedicte Couvreurthe French woman behind the best Gallic cinema with Petit Maman and Portrait of a woman on fire; either Barbara Broccolithe British company responsible for the franchise James Bond.

The list is completed by figures such as Maren Ade and Janine Jackowski (Spencer), Bettina Brokemper (antichrist), Kristina Ceyton and Samantha Jennings (The Nightingale), Francesca Cima (the great beauty), Sidonie Dumas (Untouchable), Maria Ekerhovd (The Innocents), Karen Harnisch (infinity pool) or Rocío Jadue (a fantastic woman), among many others.

Below is the full list shared by The Hollywood Reporter:

  • Mo Abudu – CEO, EbonyLife Media (Nigeria)
  • Maren Ade and Janine Jackowski – Co-founder, Komplizen Film (Germany)
  • Kristina Börjeson – Production Manager, Film i Väst (Sweden)
  • Barbara Broccoli – Co-Owner, Eon Productions (UK)
  • Bettina Brokemper – Founder, Heimatfilm (Germany)
  • Kristina Ceyton and Samantha Jennings – Co-Founders, Causeway Films (Australia)
  • Francesca Cima – CEO, Indigo Film (Italy)
  • Bénédicte Couvreur – CEO, Lilies Films (France)
  • Valérie Delpierre – CEO, Inicia Films (Spain)
  • Sidonie Dumas – CEO, Gaumont (Germany)
  • Maria Ekerhovd – Founder, Mer Film (Norway)
  • Cécile Gaget – Head of the film group, Wild Bunch (France)
  • Dyveke Bjorkly Graver – Co-Founder, Eye Eye Pictures (Norway)
  • Karen Harnisch – Co-President, Film Forge (Canada)
  • Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann – CEO, Telepool (Germany)
  • Jennifer Holness – Hungry Eyes Media (Canada)
  • Rocío Jadue – Head of Films, Fabula (Chile)
  • Jia Ling – Founder, Big Bowl Entertainment (China)
  • Sophie Jordan – Co-CEO, Wild Bunch (France)
  • Sisse Graum Jorgensen and Louise Vesth – Producers, Zentropa (Denmark)
  • Ekta Kapoor – Balaji Motion Pictures (India)
  • Elizabeth Karlsen – Co-Founder, Number 9 Films (UK)
  • Naomi Kawase – Kumie (Japan)
  • Kwak Sin-ae – Co-CEO, Barunson Entertainment (South Korea)
  • Anne-Laure Labadie – Deputy Director, Le Pacte (France)
  • Miky Lee – Vice President, CJ Entertainment (South Korea)
  • Laurie May – Co-President, Elevation Pictures (Canada)
  • Cleona Ní Chrualaoi – Producer, Inscéal (Ireland)
  • Tope Oshin – Creative Director, Sunbow Productions (Nigeria)
  • Pilar Benito Peña – Managing Director, Morena Films (Spain)
  • Leontine Petit – CEO, Lemming Film (Netherlands)
  • Tessa Ross – Co-CEO, House Productions (UK)
  • Carole Scotta – CEO, Haut et Court (France)
  • Nansun Shi – Co-Founder, Distribution Workshop (China)
  • Ada Solomon – Producer, MicroFILM (Romania)
  • Charlotte Vincent – CEO, Aurora Films (France)
  • Cassandre Warnauts – CEO, Frakas (Belgium)

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