Two Netflix series that show real problems in a different and funny way

“It’s okay not to be okay” and “Komi-san can’t communicate.” Two sensitive series that you should see on Netflix. (Netflix) (OLM Digital)

Netflix He has accustomed his followers to a complete catalog of genres in thousands of productions, and within them the dramas that speak and focus on problems such as abandonment, the autistic spectrum, depression and trauma, among others. Topics that are not always easy to approach or expose, but the productions below have done it masterfully.

The titles we will focus on are It is good not to be good (It’s okay to Not Be OK) Y Komi-san can’t communicate. Have you seen them? If not, we will tell you a little more about them so that you are encouraged to do so.

It is good not to be good (It’s Okay to Not Be OK)

A story about a psychiatric ward employee and a woman, with antisocial personality disorder, who is a popular children’s book writer. (Netflix)

It is good not to be good is a 16-episode k-drama that tells the story of two people who unexpectedly intertwine their vulnerable lives without knowing that they can make each other’s lives a little better and sometimes worse. This production takes us into the life of a psychiatric ward employee and a woman with antisocial personality disorder, who is a popular children’s book writer.

The boy is a man who refuses love and she stands out as a woman who does not know love.. Together, they defy fate and fall in love, finding their souls and identities in the process. It stars the South Korean actor and model Kim Soo Hyun (Royal, 2017) and also the South Korean model and actress Seo Ye-hee (Memories, 2021). It is good not to be good focuses on depression, autism, parental abandonment, trauma and the diversities of life in general for the human being.

Komi-san can’t communicate

"Komi-san Can
“Komi-san Can’t Communicate” is an adaptation of the manga “Tomohito Oda”. (Digital OLM)

It is an anime series with comedy and romance, focused on the stories that revolve around the school, in terms of friendship. Its synopsis details that “Hitohito Tadano is a student who goes unnoticed in class, and he feels very comfortable with it. But everything changes when he meets the ‘legendary’ Komi on the first day of school. He finds out that it’s not that Komi distances herself from other students, it’s that she is very awkward in relating to others. Tadano’s mission? Help Komi on her quest to get 100 friends.”

Komi-san can’t communicate is a Japanese production of 2021, within the ranking of the best series of 2021 and the best animated series in the last 50 years, according to the website dedicated to cinema, filmaffinity.

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