Two Huawei handsets may arrive this year

The next generation of Huawei’s first clamshell phone has already been seen by the Chinese Communications Authority, although we still don’t know much about the specifications from the certification body’s database, except for the size of the battery, which promises to be significantly larger than that offered by competing manufacturers, and the capacity of the P50 Pocket is 260 mAh with more. The appearance will also change thanks to the new glass casing combined with a leather-like texture, the other parameters are still waiting for you.

1663427394 963 Two Huawei handsets may arrive this year

In the meantime, a trailer appeared, the authenticity of which is not clear, but it was published on Twitter by a reliable informant. Based on this, it looks like there will be another P50 Pocket New with a suffix and a more favorable price tag (284 thousand yuan). THE P50 Pocket New it will be identical in design to the original model, but it will leave the external display, in exchange, a Snapdragon 888 set will be installed in the case. 5G (and Google) will still not be there because of this, and it is also questionable what the engineers can do with the heat production, which due to the design was already strong in the case of the P50 Pocket working with the Snapdragon 778G.

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