Two Colombian productions sweep Netflix: they have been in the Top 10 of the platform for more than 15 weeks

"I am Betty, the ugly one" and "Coffee with the aroma of a woman".  (Rcn Television, Netflix)
“I am Betty, the ugly one” and “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”. (Rcn Television, Netflix)

Two Colombian productions are sweeping this renowned service of streaming, regardless of whether they are classic or relatively new. One of them is more than 20 years old and yet it is still as relevant to the public as if it had been released yesterday; we talk to you about I am Betty the Ugly one. The other that many subscribers do not stop seeing is woman-fragranced coffeereleased a year ago. Learn more details below.

I am Betty the Ugly one

"Ugly Betty" will be on Netflix until July 10, 2022. (Netflix)
“Ugly Betty” will be on Netflix until July 10, 2022. (Netflix)

I am Betty the Ugly one is a 1999 production, directed by Mario Riverowith script of Fernando Gaitan Y Liliana Hernandezproduced by RCN Television. The telenovela recounts the life of a woman named Beatriz Pinzón Solano, who for society, according to her physical appearance, is described as ugly, in addition to believing her clumsy. However, she is also known as a brilliant human being with a gifted financial brain; Kind of like a walking computer.

Ana María Orozco is Betty "the ugly one".  (RCN Television)
Ana María Orozco is Betty “the ugly one”. (RCN Television)

After Betty graduates from college with honors, she finds herself unemployed, a situation that leads her to start a new chapter in her life, deciding to look for a job in the least likely place: a cosmopolitan clothing design firm called Eco Moda. Contrary to the “beauty” rules that the company requires of her employees, she is hired by the company’s recent president, Armando Mendoza, who gives her an almost hidden room as a workplace. From there, Betty supports him 100% in the management of the company; be good, not so good and lousy.

This soap opera of comedy, drama, romance and intrigue, is currently ranked number 4 of the weekly Top 10 of Netflix, this being his 27th week on the chart. And the countries that keep it there are all belonging to America.

woman-fragranced coffee

Remake of the 1994 Colombian soap opera that came to Netflix. (Netflix)

2021 telenovela, directed by Maurice Cruz Y Olga Lucia Rodriguezremake of the original story of Fernando Gaitan of 1994. This is carried out by the American actor of Cuban origin William Levy and the Colombian Laura Londono.

woman-fragranced coffee forms a story full of drama and a lot of romance that tells us how every year, Teresa Suárez, “Gaviota”, and Carmenza, her mother, travel to the coffee region to work on a large hacienda, in order to collect the coffee harvested in the second time of the year. However, for this occasion, life takes a 180° turn when the owner of the hacienda dies suddenly, a situation that darkens the plans of the young woman and her mother, because in the past, he promised a piece of land for Let them sow their own harvest.

"Café con aroma de mujer" is a co-production between Telemundo and RCN Television.  (Netflix)
“Café con aroma de mujer” is a co-production between Telemundo and RCN Television. (Netflix)

However, the son of the deceased arrives from New York and a story of love and uncontrollable attraction originates between them. An almost impossible love because Sebastian is engaged to an ambitious and vain woman.

woman-fragranced coffee It is positioned in sixth place, completing 18 weeks in the platform’s ranking, with almost 10 million views. And all this thanks to the majority of Latin American countries and Spain.

Two titles that have a large number of the public glued to the Netflix screen.

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