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“Two against the ice”: a true story marked by survival and tragedy that can now be seen on Netflix

Two against the ice

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Joe Cole star two against the icea drama of Netflix based on the true events of the disappearance of Ejnar Mikkelsen In the Arctic. In 1909, the Danish “Artic” expedition, led by the famous explorer, set sail with the purpose of curbing the United States’ claim to a territory in northwest Greenland, since the island was considered to be divided into two different pieces of land.

The beginning of this impressive journey begins when the explorer played by Coster-Waldau dares to abandon ship accompanied by the young mechanic. Iver Iversen (Cole), the least experienced member of the group. With the proof before their eyes, they both successfully prove that Greenland is a single island. However, the return to the ship turns into a complete nightmare, it is long and tedious, and they fear not finding the crew.

Mikkelsen and Iversen regain hope after experiencing extreme hunger, withering exhaustion and a polar bear attack when they reach the starting point again. There they realize that the ship has sunk in the ice and the camp has been abandoned, so they will have to wait for a rescue while staying alive in a place where they have absolutely nothing and are exposed to the dangers of the environment.

“As the days passed, his mind began to disconnect from reality to give way to paranoia and mistrust, a very dangerous mix in the struggle to survive,” says the official synopsis. two against the ice It is a film that reflects friendship, love and the need for companionship to stay alive in a very extreme situation, such as being lost in the Arctic.

two against the ice It’s a book by Ejnar Mikkelsen

The film was based on To mod isen (Two against the ice)the novel that he himself published Ejnar Mikkelsen in 1955. It was a compilation of his memoirs on the journey that began at the beginning of the 20th century with the aim of recovering the Mylius-Erichsen diaries, who led an unsuccessful expedition to this very spot. For months and, later, years, the Dane waited, although no one was going to come to them, and he was only able to continue thanks to the good company of the inexperienced colleague who followed him on this adventure.

The main cast is made up of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (known for bringing Jaime Lannister to life in game of Thrones) and Joe Cole. The film was directed by Peter Flinth and was filmed between the territories of Denmark and Iceland.

two against the ice is available to view from March 2 at Netflix.

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