Two actors from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, together again in this exciting Filmin film

There are many occasions in which a Hollywood actor or actress goes to the other side of the cameras and start directing (This phenomenon also occurs in Spain, Mario Casas being the last to do so). Furthermore, the fame they have as performers usually helps their directing debuts get some impact.

Some even achieve great numbers at the box office and critics, such as A star has been born (2018) directed by a Bradley Cooper who has presented his second feature film, Teacher (2023), at the Venice Film Festival. Although there are times when these projects do not have a great study behind and often go unnoticed, as is the case of The second chance (2022), a dramatic comedy in which two characters from one of the sitcoms best known meet again.

Synopsis of ‘The Second Chance’

In this film about second Chances and reconciled families, Abigail, a divorced mother of two children, tries to make peace with her dysfunctional family, made up of her mother, her sick father and her brother, from whom she has been estranged for a long time. All this while she tries to get back to find someone in love.

Cast of ‘The Second Chance’

The second chance is starring Dianna Agron (glee), who plays stressed-out Abigail. Eugene, her father, embodies the great Dustin Hoffmann (Kramer vs. Kramer, rain man), while Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown, Start again) is in charge of giving life to Barbara, the mother. For the role of Nathan, the brother, the one chosen was Simon Helberg, known for being the famous Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory, one of the most successful sitcoms of the 21st century.

But the one from Los Angeles is not the only member of the series who participates in this film, since the film is directed by Mayim Bialik, the famous Amy Farrah Fowler. The second chance is the debut behind the cameras of the actress and neuroscientist, who He also produced and wrote the feature film script.

Where can you see ‘The Second Chance’?

The debut by Bialik was released both in theaters (although in very few rooms) as on demand in April of last year, and in Spain it could not even be seen on the big screen. Currently, you can see under subscription on the Filmin platform.

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