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Twitter would allow you to send messages to a celebrity, in exchange for a price

Twitter would allow direct messages to celebrities. (photo: Mitic)

Although the latest news about Twitter imply the dismissal of almost half of its staffthe designers of the new platform are working on features that could be released soon and that will allow greater profitability.


an idea you had Elon Musk to monetize the Twitter acquisition is to try to pay 8 dollars a month to keep the blue checkbut they are also working on improving the direct messages or categorize certain tweets.

Although, the latter idea would make users, for a small fee, they could interact directly with their favorite celebrities in order to send messages, voice notes or videos. This will then be seen if it will be within the subscription of Twitter Blue.


And it is that according to The New York Times, Twitter is working on paid direct messages to allow users to communicate with their favorite celebrities or famous users who have the famous blue checks.

These messages would cost “a few dollars per direct message” and part of that money (a small percentage), would go to Twitter. Obviously, the celebrity or person who made this monetization possible would take the other financial part.


Messages to celebrities would be a priority in the inbox

As you can understand, only famous users and public figures can choose to receive paid direct messages that are waiting to be answered and that have a prominent place in their inbox.

However, the aforementioned outlet commented that there is no guarantee that this feature will finally launch, and that it will always be one of many bets that will benefit quickly after Elon Musk’s expensive contract.

It remains to be seen if this would be added to the Twitter Blue subscription, at least with a limited number of publications. Finally, it would be nice if users could pay to communicate with celebrities by paying for direct messages, although of course nothing ensures that the celebrity in question is responding, and not the Community Manager who manages the account.

Twitter. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)
Twitter. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Twitter is renewed and brings these new icons

The social network announced through one of its official accounts the renewal of the graphic style present in its icons both on its website and for its Applications for devices Android Y iOS as part of the implementation of a new visual language.

According to the company, the intention behind these changes is that this set of new icons in the social network harmonizes the new style of the platform in all its versions and “have a modern and optimized background to make future design and product changes on Twitter.”

Complete collection of the new Twitter icons. (twitter)
Complete collection of the new Twitter icons. (twitter)

According to Twitterit is important that the icons that they design comply with the six principles that will allow their evolution within the platform in the future, so that they go hand in hand with the development of your technology. These are:

Global: It is important that the icons are understandable universally, so that your design it is designed to be understood by any culture and market.

direct: the idea behind the icons is that communicate their role clearly to anyone who interacts with them within the platform.

authentic: Twitter recognizes that it wants its new icons to convey a identity one that matches your personality.

flexible: must be tunable, so that they can be used in various scenarios. In addition, Twitter indicates that the icons must evolve along with technology.

Harmony: The new icons can work on their own and also as part of a family. Although it can evolve As a general system, it is possible to take one and improve it without affecting its harmony with the rest.

Design: According to Twitter, the new icons follow standards of the industry and also those of the company itself at the time of creation.

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