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Twitter will bet on creating podcasts tab

Twitter built-in podcasts tab

In some cases, social media peak because the competition is so strong. Therefore, it makes sense that you try to add new features that, in many cases, go beyond what is expected of the platform in question. An example is what seems to be preparing Twitter to try to attract new users and not let go of those already active on the platform.

Specifically, it seems that the company is preparing its own platform for podcasts. In other words, it will enter a market segment where it was not expected and will compete with companies such as Spotify, for example. Curious, and at the same time strange, at least at first, because there is one thing that has that meaning: the so-called Twitter Spaces.


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Twitter aims to compete with Spotify in podcasts thanks to ‘Spaces’

It is possible that the work being done by the social network was leaked because an explicit reference to a section called podcasts tab which was exclusively for the publication of the spaces up once your launch has been completed


In other words, the logs will not be lost over time and may be more useful. And, yes, it could be something completely correct for the creator and will allow you to differentiate yourself from the social network Club House dedicated to audio chats, just to give an example

If the objective is to attract traditional podcasts published on social networks, things change. This could be an option, certainly unexpected, and it remains to be seen if the platform will attract creators.


Also, it’s not what you’d expect from Twitter, so the above is thought to make more sense. (and the new space is called Podcasts, as such, to facilitate user recognition).

Twitter will give a lot of importance to its new function

Indeed, it will have its own tab, as can be seen in the image posted at the top of this paragraph, which will be located in the lower ribbon of the Twitter application interface (It is also accessible from the web version of Twitter).

This is because Spaces has a very good impact on people who love the social network, so you want to make the most of its appeal.


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For now it is unknown when this new option will be implemented, but everything indicates that soon a new section will be accessible on Twitter. In fact, it can be good to get a extra support for live streams that the popular social network already has.

Twitter Adds Labels To Posts With Russian Media Links

A new measure has been taken by the Twitter microblogging network, according to them, to mitigate information that is incorrect. The decision is tag all tweets or trills that have links from Russian media or from news agencies that are also allied with the media in that country.

Twitter said the label would automatically apply to any tweet with a URL of a media website affiliated with the designated state. It will also reduce the visibility of these tweets by not recommending them to users and removing them from the “Top Search” feature.

The ad did Yoel Rothhead of integrity at Twitter, through his personal account on the same platform.

Twitter indicated that it has seen more than 45,000 tweets a day from people sharing links from said media, therefore, most state-affiliated media content came from people who shared the materialrather than the media account itself.


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State media, long a contentious presence on major social platforms, has become a key battleground in Moscow’s standoff with big business. technological during the crisis of Ukraine.

What do you think about Twitter built-in podcasts tab ? Let us know in the comments.

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