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Twitter will allow stock and cryptocurrency trading

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Twitter announced this Thursday (13), a partnership with eToro, a cryptocurrency investment platform. With this, the social network will allow users to access information about shares and the price of cryptocurrencies in real-time.

The partnership will expand the $Cashtags feature that will allow users to search for cryptocurrency information. In addition, eToro will be directly accessible via Twitter.

The feature was implemented on Twitter in December 2022 to allow users to view the price and quote of stocks and crypto assets by entering the symbol for the stock or cryptocurrency. $Cashtags uses data from TradingView to display cryptocurrency information.

In a Twitter post, eToro said users will be able to view real-time prices for stocks, cryptocurrencies and other assets.

As an eToro spokesperson reported to CNBC, Twitter cashtags will cover many more instruments and asset classes.

According to the company, the partnership with the social network will allow “increasing financial education”. eToro CEO, Yoni Assia, believes that social media fulfills this mission of educating many who did not have access to the topic on traditional channels.

As we’ve grown immensely over the last three years, we’ve seen more and more users interacting on Twitter [and] educating themselves about the markets. There is very high quality content, real time content about financial analysis of companies and what is happening around the world. We believe this partnership will allow us to reach these new audiences [and] better connect the brands of Twitter and eToro.

Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, in an interview with CNBC.

Twitter has become a crucial part of the retail investing community – it’s where millions of everyday investors go every day to access financial news, share knowledge and chat. There is power in shared knowledge, and by turning the investment into a group effort, we can achieve better results and be more successful together.

Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro, in a statement.

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