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Twitter users will be able to use gifs, video and images in a single post

Twitter users will be able to use gifs, video and images in a single post
According to Twitter, these new posting options will allow users to better express their ideas and emotions within the platform. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel/Illustration/File Photo/File Photo

Twitter has announced the launch of a new functionality that will allow users to create tweets mixing videos, photos and gifs within it publicationan option that was not available until a few days ago and that will increase the possibilities in creating content on the platform.

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In an announcement published on the official blog of the social network, it is indicated that it is now available to all device users. Android Y iOS. “That means you can include photos, gifs and video (or two) all in the same tweet. Click on the icon Photography (…)”, indicates the publication.

Users will be able to find a pop-up ad within your app Twitter in different devices. “We are testing a function that allows you to add various types of multimedia content to the same tweet,” it can be read.

Twitter will allow posts mixing different types of media files (Twitter)
Twitter will allow posts mixing different types of media files (Twitter)

According to the social network, this change will be beneficial for content creators because they will have the opportunity to find new ways to express their thoughts and emotions beyond the 280 characters available on the platform.

“I’m excited to see how creatives can take advantage of this feature,” said Jake Chamseddine, a content creator at Twitter dedicated to the Photography in concerts of artists in the United States

The improvement for the users has the purpose that the users can post so more people can create content display carousels.

Exclusive payment features

In addition to including the publication function mixing various types of media filesTwitter has also launched the function of editing tweets for users subscribed to the payment service of Twitter Blue. The new tool can already be used by these people, although it has rules and limitations to regulate its use.

Function to edit tweets.  (Photo: Twitter/Composition/Jose Arana)
Function to edit tweets. (Photo: Twitter/Composition/Jose Arana)

In principle the tweet editing It has a time period of half an hour. In that period, users can make the necessary modifications within a publication up to five times as maximum. Once this number is reached or after 30 minutes, users will no longer be able to make changes and must delete the tweet and post another one in case they want to correct the information.

To avoid misuse of this tool to spread false information or spam messages, the content of the modified tweets will not be completely removed from the social networkbut it will be saved as a history of changes that other users can access to view the modifications made from the original post until the last.

Regarding the publications of multimedia content, another of the functions available in Twitter Blue is the section of podcast for users who connect to the platform from a device Manzana. This function adds a special tab dedicated to the audio content in which the TwitterSpace (either live or the recordings that were published).

Twitter Spaces.  (photo: Yahoo Sports)
Twitter Spaces. (photo: Yahoo Sports)


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