Twitter Tip Jar: A new feature to receive money from other users as Tips on Twitter

Twitter rolls out a brand new feature of Tip Jar for iOS and Android app. This feature will let you send money to your favorite account for his amazing tweets or a charitable purpose.

To use the Tip Jar method, simply click the user’s profile. We go to his profile and we will see a small pile of ticket-shaped (dollar-bill) icons next to the button to follow or unfollow him (on the right side of the avatar, above his name). After pressing the button, Twitter will give us the option to pay you through its established payment method.

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The payment methods that Tip Jar supports include Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Paypal, and Venmo. Twitter is using external payment processors for these services for transactions. The company will not take a cut of any transaction. All English Twitter users can start sending tips from today. But for now, only a selected group of users that include “content creators, journalists and some experts”) can activate the feature to get paid immediately.

Users have been using Twitter request techniques for years, or Patreon follows; At this point, ending the viral thread by screaming on the SoundCloud account is actually a meme. So it makes sense that Twitter wants to simplify functions as part of its own application.


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It’s worth noting that currently the only way to access Tip Jar is to navigate to the user’s profile. This means that giving someone some money for his really amazing tweet takes more effort than simply liking or retweeting it.

Twitter already has some issues that need to be fixed. As Rachel Tobac discovered, using Tip Jar to send reminders via Paypal currently allows anyone to verify the recipient’s address via remittance. This is a worrisome security issue and Twitter and Paypal are expected to be resolved soon.

Twitter has also promised, “more to come”. So we will likely continue to hear more about how Twitter Tip Jar implements tipping in the weeks and months to come.

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How to enable Tip Jar on Twitter?

However, as we have already said, ability to get paid for the tweets, you must be one of the users who can activate the Twitter Tip Jar. Now we will tell you how to activate it because it is actually very simple. It all starts with our own profile, we will not look for this option in the configuration because we cannot find it. let’s start.

  • Visit your profile on Twitter by clicking on the profile photo. You will also be directed to your profile by clicking three horizontal lines in the top left corner.
  • After entering your profile, click the “Edit profile” button to modify it.
  • You will see a Tips button right below your profile data. Tips button will be initially disabled.
  • Visit the option and activate it, then Twitter will provide us with different payment methods (Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, or Venmo).
  • Choose the payment method that is most suitable and acceptable for you.
  • Ready, The payment method has been set. Now the other users can send us money whenever they want.

Article Source: The Verge

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