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Twitter: this is what the first tweet edited with the new function of the social network looks like

Twitter: this is what the first tweet edited with the new function of the social network looks like
Function to edit tweets. (Photo: Twitter/Composition/Jose Arana)

After several years of asking about this feature and requesting it, Twitter finally listened (half of what has been asked) and is already testing the tool for edit tweet. Since the launch of the social network Twitter in 2006, there have been many opinions asking for the ability to edit tweets. And surely more than one would have avoided the social burden if this function had existed.

Well, it took all these years before Twitter finally paid attention and started working on this tool. Of course, the company has yet to announce an exact release date for the edit button, though an edited tweet that has been seen gives some insight into how it will work.

An exclusive Twitter Blue feature

The ability to edit tweets will be available for the first time to users who pay for an optional subscription called Twitter Blue. This refers to the service premium subscription that allows users to access additional benefits such as personalized application icons, the option to unsubscribe from tweets, without advertising articles, among others.

subscribers of New Zealand they will be the first to use this function immediately, which will surely appear in the next few days. Subsequently and progressively, it will be extended to Twitter Blue users in other countries. Until it reaches the countries of Latin America, it only remains to wait.

As shown in the test image, an edited tweet will show the date and time of “Last edition” at the bottom of the post. Users can click this and see the tweet’s full edit history and all previous versions.

Function to edit tweets. (Photo: Twitter/Composition/Jose Arana)

The new function of editing tweets in the social network

There are already some aspects of editing a tweet that people have gradually become familiar with. For example, Twitter has already explained that if the feature is available, users will be able to edit their tweets up to 30 minutes after they are published.

Very good time to edit posts with typos or spam (because of pranks from friends, for example), but really not much to edit if users pounce on oneself for posting something with offensive language.

Find out what’s new in Twitter Blue. Photo: diffusion.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago it came to light that users can only edit their tweets five times during this period. Finally, keep in mind that this tweet editing feature creates a new entry when they are edited, and all changes are saved in a sort of edit history.

And that means that while a user can edit a tweet on Twitter when the change appears in real time, changes have also been made to combat misinformation and prevent people or organizations from posting something and editing it later.

How to be careful with suspicious messages and links on Twitter

In principle, Twitter it does not ask any of its customers for passwords or login details. In addition, it does not send direct messages (DM) to users, but rather makes official communications through emails identified with “@twitter.com” at the end.

In case they have been received direct messages on Twitter that are suspicious:

– You must proceed to report it.

– Make sure you don’t download any type of attachment or click on a questionable link. delete it of the tray is the most appropriate.

– They are not due share data login or account access credentials.

– To prevent it from happening again, you can configure the options to control what type of user can send direct messages.

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