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Twitter tests Super Followers feature before the Official launch

Twitter is testing its brand new pay-to-follow feature called Super Followers. A profile view count of Super Followers will be added to show how many paid followers each user has on Twitter.

Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter posted a screenshot of the new “Super Followers” count that will be displayed with your usual follower count, which can help motivate more people to sign up as your Paid Followers to see your additional content and tweets.

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Image Credit: Jane Manchun Wong(twitter)

Twitter’s upcoming “Super Follow” feature will provide content creators with another way to earn some revenue through their efforts on the platform. The creators will charge few dollars monthly fees so that fans can get a variety of other content and participation features.


Now you can charge your Twitter Super Follows for your tweets.

By paying $4.99 a month for registration, Super Followers can expand their access to your paid content that will be hidden for usual followers. Ideally, this will provide more incentives for creators to create a community of paid subscribers on Twitter. This way Twitter will maintain the stream of specific content for the users. More fans of that content will return to Twitter more frequently.

The rise of TikTok even in the pandemic has prompted all other social media platforms to re-evaluate the profit-making options of their creators in order to protect their audience and provide direct income tools for creators and artists. Keeping this in mind, the Twitter Super Followers feature is the need of the hour. But Twitter is changing the complete profile display to make a slot of Paid followers count is a bit surprising.

In 2018, Dorsey explained in a fireplace chat in India that he wanted to underestimate the number of followers because it no longer reflects the correct way to participate in social media.

It is relatively a small change, but it is the first step away from traditional social media metrics. Ideally, it’s the first step towards updated metrics or presentations.

Twitter is still working on the changes in the profile design for paid followers tools. It is worth seeing how it integrates new options (such as newsletters, ticketing, e-commerce links, etc). Twitter Super Follows feature will be a huge change in the app. User will have a completely new experiance on interaction with the app.

Article Source: Socialmediatoday

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