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Twitter Spaces now has listening metrics for these operating systems

Twitter Spaces, the service of the social network that allows the organization of audio events, has implemented audience analysis tools complemented by new features to track admins and provide better visibility into chats.


These new tools that will be available in both Android like in iOS, allow admins or co-admins to view audience, listener, play, or participant metrics.

Through a tweetthe company clarified that listeners will be able to locate chat co-administrators and participants in order to follow them, showing a list with those who need follow-up after the event ends. This feature is currently available on Android and will be coming to the iOS version soon.


“Learn more about your Space. Hosts and co-hosts on iOS and Android will now have access to analytics like total live listeners, total replays, and speakers. Take a look and tell us what you think!” can be read in the tweet.

Twitter is also testing the ability to send informative card in the form of a ‘tweet’, after an administrator creates one of these events. As a result, event listeners will be able to react to or share the map directly from the space.


So that all users of the digital platform can take advantage of these and other features, the twitter blog for business recommend the following points:

– To plan

Twitter Spaces is an authentic and informal forum, but it pays to do a little preparation and define in advance the topics and administrators and even the order of the people who will speak.


This will ensure that the conversation flows at all times.

– Include different perspectives

Generally, the most interesting conversations are those between people with different perspectives and experiences.

This must be reflected in Twitter Spaces, inviting people who bring diverse ideas and points of view to the table.

– Offer exclusivity

Users can offer exclusive offers or content to those who join, as a reward for listening to the conversation.

This also generates good energies between the followers and the brand.

– Generate expectation

Like any event or promotion on Twitter, it’s important to position the space with your audience to build excitement and spread the word.

Users can program ‘Spaces’ with up to 14 days in advance and define reminders and ‘push’ notifications.

– spread

When the ‘Space’ is active, it’s a good idea to tweet the link on the timeline to remind followers that the event has started.

You can also share the ‘Space’ by Direct Messages or Cards of personalized Tweets. The purple circle around the administrator’s profile picture indicates that there is a active space.

– Share

Another recommendation is to guide the conversation by sharing Tweet relevant in space.

To do this, go to the timeline, search for the Tweet and hit the share icon. Tweets can be posted throughout the ‘Space’ to include all those who want to know what’s going on, but can’t join the conversation right now.

This is how you can use Twitter Spaces

An audio room can be started in two ways:

– Hold the button Create, and then click the new icon audio rooms on the far left.

– Or press the profile picture on Fleets (the Twitter ‘Stories’), scroll to the far right and press audio rooms. Has a capacity of up to 10 people to talk to.

It can select who can join with speaking privileges; to do this, choose an option between the people you follow or just the people you want to invite to talk. invitations can be sent through Direct Messages.

– The microphone will be off when starting. When you’re ready, press Start the audio room.

– Choose if you want or not Share transcripts; this is done by toggling the button on or off.

– Now, you can start recording on the audio room.

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