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Twitter safe mode: what it is and how it benefits users

Twitter in Safe Mode. (photo: ENCOLOMBIA.COM)

The term ‘toxicity’ or ‘being toxic’ is an issue that increasingly concerns social networks. These platforms have become meeting points to talk and debate about all kinds of topics, but it is clear that not all of them have done so with respect.

Without prompt attention, it can reach levels that are difficult to control. Faced with such a problem, Twitter introduced Safe Mode, a recommendation intended to help prevent malicious users.

Twitter wants its social network to be a less aggressive space. This feature was introduced in September 2021 in some English-speaking countries, and little by little it is available in more countries. Specifically, the implementation in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand was announced.

What is Twitter Safe Mode

To understand what it is, nothing better than go to Twitter website. Although it is not available, they already explain it clearly.

The social network “looks for behaviors potentially abusive or spammy, such as harmful language, negative and repetitive responses, and unsolicited mentions. Twitter flags such accounts and automatically blocks them from responding to your Tweets.”

The accounts that users follow or interact frequently will not be blocked, but the rest can fall into this process. In addition, any user has a dispute or behavior that the algorithm considers inappropriate. This implies that Twitter will analyze all users for this purpose.

How it affects users who do not want to enable the Safe Mode feature

It will not be set by default. When available, users they will be able to enable it from their account settings, but it will also be available “from the proactive notification that Twitter sends when we detect several Tweets that you have received that seem to generate attention or adverse interactions.”

Accounts that Twitter thinks should be blocked by anyone who checks this option will be blocked for at least 7 days.

Finally on Twitter they want to reduce the hate and verbal abuse that exists in the social network,That is why they will enable this and other options, to try to make it a more pleasant environment. That is why, by activating it, you can reduce the cyberbullying and help more platforms have this initiative.


3 recommendations to maintain respectful interactions on Twitter

Lately, Twitter has become a perfect place to hold discussions about topics that may be sensitive to other people, such as politics for example.

What generates that in some cases the situation gets out of control and it ends up reaching aggressions and verbal threats perpetrated from the screen of a cell phone.

According to what was explained above, TechMarkup brings a list of four Twitter functions to maintain respectful conversations and set limits when necessary:

1. Configure who can participate in the conversations

One of the most useful functions offered by this social network is the opportunity to configure the accessibility that other users have to respond to the content that is shared or published, being able to choose between the options of all, followed, or only mentioned.

2. mute

A tool that Twitter users have appreciated is to silence all kinds of content such as emojis, words, specific hashtags or even an entire account, since in this way, they have been able to avoid spoilers that other people on the platform make about series or releases.

Likewise, everyone who has an account in use on the platform will be able to mute conversations to no longer receive notifications about interactions in which they are no longer interested, thus having the possibility of abandoning interactions with rude or violent users.

Mute words on Twitter.  (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)
Mute words on Twitter. (photo: Composition/Jose Arana)

3. Hide answers

Another configuration that is of great help when it comes to maintaining an appropriate and respectful treatment with other users, is hide annoying replies that have been made to a specific tweet.

This way you will not be able to see the comment in the list of responses to the tweet, nor will the author of the verbal aggression be notified, however these types of replies will still be accessible from the hidden reply icon that appears in the original tweet.

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