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Twitter plans to include purchase reminders on the platform

Twitter plans to include purchase reminders on the platform
Twitter.  (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)
Twitter. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Twitter is testing one new shopping feature to preview upcoming product releases.

The function, called Product Drops, allows brands to test items before they go on sale, and customers can sign up for be reminded before launch via notifications inside of app.

How Product Drops would work

Today, the company shared how the reminders would work in a blog post. When brands set up product launches, Buyers can sign up for alerts by clicking the ‘Remember Me’ button.


Product launch tweets act like other posts on Twitter and can be given ‘Like’, retweet, bookmark Y to share.

Users who opt in to receive reminders they will receive a notification 15 minutes before the launch time and at the time set for delivery. When it’s time to buy and users click the notification, they’ll be directed to a checkout button. ‘Buy on the website’ leading to the brand site.

Purchase reminders on Twitter.  (photo: Twitter)
Purchase reminders on Twitter. (photo: Twitter)

The test is limited Currently users of iOS in USA who use Twitter in English. The brand’s early partners include Dior, The Home Depot and clothing company Union Los Angeles, according to Twitter.

Twitter purchase reminders are similar to tools that exist on other platforms such as Instagram, where brands preview upcoming products and customers can set reminders. Although the electronic commerce may not be as important on Twitter as it is on Instagram, where an entire tab is dedicated to shopping, buyers are already discussing highly anticipated launches on Twitter.

For that, Twitter’s new test includes a hashtag clickable link related to the release on the product preview page, so shoppers can find tweets about the release.

Instagram reminders.  (photo: Instagram)
Instagram reminders. (photo: Instagram)

Twitter’s game for users to learn how their privacy policy works

Twitter will implement its new privacy policies from June 10. In order for users to understand this regulation, created a game with which they can learn to take control of their experience on the social network.

The game is called Twitter Data Dash and places the user in PrivaCiudad, where a dog, named Data, has to get to the park safely. His intention is to train users in the privacy policies of the platform, since, as he indicates, the ‘Twitterverse can be difficult to navigate if you don’t know your way around’.

Twitter Data Dash, a game for users to know how to take care of their data
Twitter Data Dash, a game for users to know how to take care of their data

In the game, the user must dodge cat ads, swim ‘in a sea’ of direct messages, and even fight againsttrolls’. The goal is to learn to ‘take control’ of one’s Twitter experience.

The new policies include a new wording to make it easier for users to understand what it means to be a public platform, the data it collects and how it is used.

In turn, it details what the controls it integrates look like and allow users to better understand how to configure their experience, among other issues. The game is accessed from the browser, is free and is available in nine languages, including Spanish. The company ensures that it does not collect data from users who decide to participate in it. To access the game you have to enter here.

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