Twitter now allows you to add background images and videos to Fleet


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After copying the idea of ​​Snapchat, Instagram popularized the Stories format, which has become increasingly popular, and after being published on Facebook or WhatsApp, it also spread to other social networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter last year. Twitter comes with an update that lets the user add background images and videos to Fleet.

Twitter says that iOS will be the first to get this new update. There is no news on when Android users will be able to use it. This new feature will provide Twitter users with more options to customize their fleet, while their competitors currently don’t have many editing tools.

Twitter adds a new feature in the fleet which enables you to add images or videos as backgrounds to their fleet. You can take photos from the image gallery or use them on your phone’s camera roll. This function can be used via the camera icon that appears when you open the “Fleet Compose” screen. You can touch the camera icon to take photos or videos or add photos or videos saved on your phone.


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Twitter seems to be paying more and more attention to fleets and giving users more options to personalize their tweets. Just a few weeks ago, Twitter added the ability to add stickers in the fleet. With this feature, Twitter users can add stickers, GIFs, and Twemojis to their fleet. These stickers, Twemojis, and GIFs can be added to the top of your image that you are using for a fleet. The sticker can also be moved and resized by dragging.

How to add background images and videos to fleet

From now on, when users want to edit and publish the fleet, they will find a new camera-shaped icon on the toolbar. In addition to the currently available tools, you can also choose to include background videos or images in your fleet.

Press this button, you can select the image or video that has been saved in the phone’s photo roll, or record it right now.

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Despite the introduction of adding background images and videos to Fleet, the quality and complexity of the Twitter story are still one step behind that of Instagram or Facebook. In any case, the movement adds to the news that social networks have introduced in recent weeks: at the beginning of April, it added the possibility of adding GIFs and stickers, in mid-March, it allowed the deactivation of fleet responses, etc. Novelty.

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