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Twitter is working on Full Image Display without cropping it.

Twitter is working on an update to change the way of displaying images on your timeline. The main goal is to change the Open for Surprise concept and to display the complete image without cropping it. using multiple images in a tweet will result in cropped images, as before. To make it clear, the change will only work on a single image tweet. The user needs to tap on the image for the full display. Twitter announced that its new feature will eliminate the problem and also hints about 4k image quality.

Twitter’s design officer in his tweet explained the working of this upcoming new full image display feature. He says that you can see at which size the image will be displayed after posting in the composer tool. Images with very large dimensions will be cropped. The Photographers face a lot of difficulty with the current image cropping feature. Their photos don’t appear in the full size and become less attractive. The new feature, which is currently in the testing phase will eliminate the image cropping and show the full image display.

High quality 4K images on Twitter:

Furthermore, Twitter has also announced to include the 4k image quality. You need to make a little change in your Data Usage settings to enjoy high-quality images on Twitter.

Twitter says:

Have a collection of higher res photos waiting to be shared? We’re testing ways for you to upload and view 4K images on Android and iOS.


High-quality content means extra consumption of data and resources. The users of remote areas where the internet service is poor will face difficulty with this 4k image quality feature. High-quality content slows down the speed. This is the reason to launch the Lighter Version of apps, just like Facebook lite and Instagram lite.

Twitter is continuously working on its updates. Recently Twitter has launched the Fleet which is similar to the story feature of Instagram. Twitter has already announced the release of its Supper Follows feature. It will help you to earn on Twitter.

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