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Twitter has a new tool that promises to improve notifications

Twitter announced that it acquired OpenBack, a company focused on managing notifications in mobile deviceswhich is based in Dublin, Ireland.


“Today, I’m excited to share that Twitter has acquired @OpenBackHQ, a mobile platform that helps make apps more engaging by controlling push notifications on the device,” said Jay Sullivan, Head of Products, in a Twitter thread. of consumption of the company.

The manager stressed that the optimization of automatic notifications help to lead users to “conversations that interest them on Twitter.” He contrasted this with the distraction of irrelevant notifications. Thus, this service would help people to have a more relevant and personalized experience.


“With millions of people visiting Twitter through notifications every day, we want them to be timely, relevant and engaging,” Sullivan said. He concluded: “OpenBack and its talented team joining Twitter will help us improve our ability to deliver the right notifications at the right time, in a way that puts people’s privacy first.”

By entering the official website of the Dublin-based company you can also read information about this new acquisition. The text clarifies that the company will close on April 19 of this year.


“We are pleased to announce that OpenBack is joining Twitter! We are so grateful to all of our customers and supporters along the way as we have worked to make push notifications truly a first for users. With Twitter’s positive impact on the world, we’re very excited to be part of the Twitter team and continue to build the future of notifications there. OpenBack will be closed on April 19, 202″, says the statement.

It is not yet clear how the change in notifications will be implemented on the platform, but taking into account the core business of this company and Sullivan’s words, it can be inferred that it will allow the user to generate a kind of list with more relevant accounts. In this way, the system could be configured to receive notifications every time one of those selected profiles writes a tweet.

It’s about somehow solving one of the dilemmas of these times: the constant bombardment of notifications from the dozens of apps that users have installed on their mobiles.


Although operating systems have options to manage these warnings, turning on the “do not disturb” or “concentration” mode, Among other alternatives, the truth is that having a service that, within an app, allows you to establish a relevance criterion for push notifications is something very interesting.

In this way, the user does not need to silence the phone completely, nor end all Twitter notifications, because they will have a tool to prioritize notifications from that virtual space.

Another interesting tool that Twitter recently added to favor the most relevant and positive interactions is the possibility of mark tweets as irrelevant, negative, or annoying. It is an alternative known as “low votes”, which was presented in February and is available, in a limited way, for some users in Latin America, the United States and other regions of the world, both in iOS, Android and desktop version.

To make use of this alternative simply Click on the down arrow icon that appears when asking for tweets, right between the heart and share icons. Clicking on the arrow will turn it red.

The goal is to limit comments that are unhelpful or offensive for them to lose strength. “We are always looking for new ways to increase healthy engagement and interaction on Twitter. We are still in the learning phase of this experiment and we seek to better understand how Low Votes could help us, in the future, give greater visibility to the most relevant content for people on Twitter. At this stage, the Lowvotes are still private and have no impact on the order of the answers”, they explained to TechMarkup from the social network, at the time.

Test participants have agreed that this feature helps raise the quality of conversations on Twitter, which are known among users as the most “toxic” of all social networks.


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