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Twitter founder criticizes Elon Musk administration

Twitter founder criticizes Elon Musk administration
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Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is using Bluesky to weigh in on Twitter, Elon Musk, and the decision to take the company private under the direction of Tesla’s CEO. Dorsey concedes Twitter is faring poorly under Musk, but also blames the board for forcing the sale and says Twitter had few options as a public company that would have a happy ending.

Bluesky is an app partially funded by Dorsey, built on an open, federated social networking protocol that he championsOn the new social network, Dorsey responded to a question from user Jason Goldman about whether he felt Musk proved to be the “best possible boss”.

No. Nor do I think he acted correctly after realizing his timing was off. Nor do I think the board should have forced the sale. Everything went wrong.

Jack Dorsey on Bluesky

He continued his speech praising Bluesky: “But it happened and all we can do now is build something to prevent it from happening again. So I’m happy that Jay and the team and the developers exist and are building [Bluesky],” said Dorsey.

Twitter founder criticizes Elon Musk administration
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Washington Post journalist Will Oremus cited that post and tried to frame it as Dorsey avoiding self-blame, which Dorsey strongly disagreed with, noting that he has previously apologized for his role in Twitter’s fate.

In addition to lamenting the current state of Twitter under Musk and the circumstances that got him there, Dorsey also shared his opinion that Twitter “would never have survived as a public company.” He suggested that market conditions combined with the state of the company at the time meant it was destined to be manipulated by activist investors and private equity firms looking to acquire it.

Dorsey also re-contextualized his now-infamous tweet by stating that “Elon is the singular solution I trust”, clarifying that he was specifically referring to the result of taking Twitter private.

Dorsey also disputed the charge that he “sold his soul” by selling the company to Musk. He noted that public companies are inherently subject to sale and takeover, given the right (or wrong) market conditions.

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