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Twitter for iOS lets the users share tweets to Instagram Stories

Twitter iOS app rolls out an update to let the users share tweets to Instagram Stories. The company tested this feature with some selected group of users in 2020. However, it is now available to all Twitter iOS users.

So far, users had to take a screenshot of the tweet to share it on Instagram Stories. However, the new user interface greatly simplifies the process and makes the results easier. For now, it seems like this feature works well with the tweets based on text and images. When we tested it with a video tweet, we found that Instagram presented the feature as a still image.



Twitter tests Super Followers feature before the Official launch

Now Twitter makes it easier to share tweets to Instagram stories, sharing Instagram content on Twitter is still equally difficult. The Instagram link doesn’t show any preview card on Twitter. It just shows an unclickable simple URL text. This feature disappeared in 2012, and there is no sign of recovery in the short term.

The official integration of Twitter and Instagram Stories follows a similar feature that was shared by Twitter and Snapchat last year. For now, The feature of adding tweets to the Instagram story is just for iOS users. The company didn’t share any detail about when this update will come to android.

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Image Credit: Twitter

Below the tweet, you can see four options. The first three are for “Reply to tweet”, “Retweet the tweet” and “Like the tweet”. The fourth option is for sharing the tweet.

Tapping this icon will open a screen with several options to share tweets. For in-app sharing, you can send it to other users via a private message or add it to your fleet. This story features Twitter is inspired by Instagram Stories. A the bottom of the page you will see an option to share the tweet as Instagram story. Just press it and you will be redirected to Instagram Stories.

Article Source: The Verge




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