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Twitter enables a new button to report and learn about child sexual exploitation

Twitter. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Twitter launched the initiative #ThereHelp which offers anyone directly or indirectly involved in child sexual abuse (or child care) notification to the number in Argentina 137.

This is a button on the apps that can be used to start conversations about crime prevention and/or file a report. The tool is the result of the joint work of the Institute of Public Policies of the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires, the NGO Mama en Línea and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the country.

danya ryemanager of Public Policy for Twitter in Spanish-speaking markets, explained that “Twitter has zero tolerance towards any content of this nature, considering it one of the most serious breaches of our Rules, so this announcement is of vital importance to endorse our commitment in prevent the dissemination of this material and promote greater awareness about it.

We trust that this search notice will provide more information and a direct line of support, from the platform, for young people and fathers and mothers of families who seek to receive care and support for this type of case”, add.

The button can be activated by anyone who is going through (directly or indirectly) a situation of sexual exploitation, representation of minors in sexual acts or sexualization of minors: be it the girl, boy or adolescent, or their mother/father, a teacher or any reference to the victim.

This is how Twitter’s initiative against child sexual abuse works

To access you must enter the search area Twitter words and terms commonly used on this topic, such as:

– “Where to report child sexual abuse”;

– “Sexual harassment of children in social networks”;

– “Help victims of child sexual abuse.”

Illustrative image of a child at a computer.  (photo: The Popular)
Illustrative image of a child at a computer. (photo: The Popular)

At the time of placing those words in the search engine, the ad appears and with a simple click connects directly to the helpline. The notification offers:

– Clear information on the characteristics of the crime, the perpetrators and the victims.

– Guidelines for addressing the issue with children and adolescents.

– Advice on the responsible use of information and communication technologies.

– The appeal of the National Line 137which works uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for queries and requests for help.

“It is the first activation that we do in terms of child sexual exploitation in the region,” Centeno remarked. He also mentioned that in Mexico, the social network carried out a similar initiative on domestic violence.

Line 137. (photo: Twitter)
Line 137. (photo: Twitter)

Advice for parents with their children on these sensitive issues

What the professionals who make up Line 137 do is a active listening: “We know that moms and dads listen to us with a feeling of guilt or helplessness because they couldn’t be there for their children, they feel guilty,” he says. pink towers via Twitter, who participates in that team.

“So we try to bring them that peace of mind, that we are in a learning process, here we are learning together with our children to navigate that other world that is not the physical one.”

Tips to prevent grooming.  (Photo: Twitter/Min. Justice and Human Rights)
Tips to prevent grooming. (Photo: Twitter/Min. Justice and Human Rights)

The specialist advises trying to have a rapprochement with the boys in the same way that it is done in the physical world, knowing who your friends are or where they go:

“But without having a punitive message about this, the best attention is accompaniment and active listening, being there and letting our children know that we are always there to take care of them with love and respect,” he concludes. towers in a Twitter thread.

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