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Twitter Blue: a premium and paid version of Twitter

As for Twitter Blue, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that this service will bring together many functionalities that users have been asking for over the years. It shows that the person in charge of the social network has collected feedback from users. The bad news is that we are talking about payment services, which shows that the person in charge of the social network of people has collected comments from investors. And I think the investor will be happier than the user.

But first, let’s clarify that Twitter Blue has not been officially launched. Currently, this is just a leak posted on Twitter by well-known leaker Jane Manchun Wong. She generally never fails. Therefore, still waiting for the official confirmation from Twitter Blue, we can definitely confirm its existence, or at least, the Twitter administration is seriously considering its implementation.

In the information provided by Wong, we found that the monthly subscription price of Twitter Blue is $2.99.

Twitter’s Recent announcements

Before Twitter Blue, Twitter has made many announcements in recent weeks, improved its warnings about potentially offensive tweets, and improved its photo cropping algorithm so that images are fully displayed in the user timeline, also the ability of the DM search bar for Android users. and the introduction of a “tip jar” feature that allows users to donate to some creators, journalists, experts, and non-profit organizations.



Now you can charge your Twitter Super Follows for your tweets.

Twitter acquired Scroll earlier this month, It is a monthly subscription service that removes ads from websites for $5. With the Scroll announcement, Twitter also stated that it will shut down Nuzzel It is also a Scroll service that sends users email summaries of headlines on Twitter every day.

As Wong noted in a subsequent tweet, Tony Haile, the former CEO of Scroll (now a member of Twitter’s product team), tweeted the day Twitter acquired his company that Scroll “would be later this year. Twitter Subscription. “This seems to imply that one of Twitter’s high-quality products will be an ad-free experience. It seems that stubborn tweeters almost require editable tweeters.

In the first-quarter earnings report released late last month, Twitter’s earnings were $ 68 million and revenue was $ 1.04 billion. The company reported that there is a 20% increase in monetizable daily active users.

There is no word on when Twitter Blue, the premium paid version of Twitter will launch, or who will qualify for it.

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