Twitter announces option for companies to replace the Like button with custom art

While still going through a phase of negotiations with Elon Musk , Twitter continues to release features that were long awaited by the community . This week, the social network is presenting another novelty developed for the advertising market.

That’s because now companies will be able to buy the so-called “Brand Likes” . The feature is simple: a company pays and they earn the right to replace the like button with custom art.

Thus, it is possible to insert the company logo in a sponsored post or even in sporting events, for example.

Advertisers will be able to choose a hashtag to track their branded likes, along with up to 10 translations of that hashtag. When a user taps the Like button, the custom animation appears on any organic or promoted tweets that contain the hashtags.

See an example below:


In an official statement, Twitter said that it worked with several studios to create the animations, with tests indicating positive feedback from users .

During testing, Branded Likes generated a positive impact when combined with Timeline Takeover, achieving a +277% increase in recall and +202% increase in purchase intent and consideration.

For now, Twitter has not said how much it will cost a company to promote its brand using this new ad option. In any case, the novelty is now available for users in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom.