Twitter and its tool to be “collaborators” in friends’ tweets

Twitter and its tool to be "collaborators" in friends' tweets
Twitter. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Twitter has started to implement Community Notes for all users in the world, a function known as Birdwatch since 2021 under the direction of the former CEO of the platform, jack dorsey, Who else he sought to combat misinformation.

Moderators participating in the program can add annotations to tweets to give “context”, what’s moreheRegular users can vote if they find the context “useful”.

Before today, only people in USA could see the notes, but the news is that the tool is progressively being visible by many users on the social network worldwide. Also, Twitter says that it will soon add these collaborators in more regions.

(photo: Twitter)
(photo: Twitter)

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How the tool works

Community Notes is an information verification system on Twitter. It consists of adding a tweet to a “note” (hence the name) which contributes extra data to the content that the tweet originally has.

But then, many readers may be wondering: Who adds these notes? And it is that they are the users themselves, or well as the social network tells them, the “collaborators”.

To be one of them you must register on Twitter.

Community Notes.  (photo: Twitter)
Community Notes. (photo: Twitter)

How this tool fights misinformation

According to the same official Community Notes account on the social network, the notes that appear on Twitter are not chosen by majority vote. On the other hand, in order for it to be possible to identify when a note is relevant, it must have been classified as Useful by several people, and who have also previously disagreed. This “prevents one-sided qualifications.”

Notes with the highest rating have better visibility. Twitter claims that they don’t decide which notes are shown, but users do. Therefore, “the more people participate, the better the use of this tool will be globally”.

(photo: Twitter)
(photo: Twitter)

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Twitter removed its policy against misinformation about COVID-19

Twitter also reported that as of November 23 it stopped applying a policy aimed at preventing the spread of misinformation about the COVID-19while its new owner, Elon Muskcontinues to redo its content moderation policies.

The move came after the mogul, who has already clashed with US authorities over pandemic safety regulations, reinstated a series of accounts on the social network that had previously been banned for violating its content rules, such as that of the former president Donald Trump.

Twitter.  (photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria)
Twitter. (photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

During the pandemicTwitter dedicated itself to labeling the misleading tweets about COVID and to kick out users who persisted in spreading such misinformation. The banned content included statements intended to influence people to violate health authorities’ guidelines, along with false cures or denial of scientific facts, according to the social network’s blog.

Twitter’s decision to no longer take down lies about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines disappointed many public health officials, who said it could lead to more false statements about the virus, or about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. vaccines.

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