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Twitter already has Best Friends’: the new function to share tweets with specific people

Twitter wants to go further by giving users the ability to choose who can see and interact with their content, and is doing so with a new tool called ‘Twitter Circle’.


This function, similar to that of the ‘best friends’ of Instagram, It aims to share publications with those closest or most trusted to, according to the company, “have more intimate conversations and establish closer connections with a smaller audience.”

How Twitter Circle works


The tool allows a person to select which accounts can see and interact with a tweet or post. To do this, the user first has to create a list up to 150 people and choose who you want to share the post with before sending it; whether with all his followers, or with those around him.

Accounts in this circle will then see content appear with a green badge below the tweet.


Twitter also does not allow accounts in this small group to retweet or share content, but they can reply to tweets if the owner so wishes. Otherwise, the user who created the list can modify it at any time and remove/add members without being notified.

An alternative way to bypass private or secondary accounts on Twitter

The new tool is currently being tested for various users around the world. It can be configured in both apps from iOS Y Android, as through the web version.


Twitter wants this feature as alternative to creating subaccounts. In fact, of these, users often share more personal content with their friends or trusted people.

Twitter circles too will prevent users from having to change their account settings to public or private whenever they want a tweet to have more reach.

Twitter works on other functions to guarantee privacy to its users

In addition, the company is developing additional features to ensure the security and privacy of users. One of those functions is ability to remove followers without blocking them, which is also available on Instagram.

With this new option, users who have posted a tweet and receive negative responses, or simply do not want to receive comments from other users, they will be able to change who can reply through the tweet options menu, as mentioned by the social network.

Twitter allows you to choose between Three types of people who can reply to the post:

1. On the one hand, any Twitter user.

2. On the other, only those people who follow you.

3. Or, only to the usernames that you mentioned in the tweet.

Also, the social network owned by Elon Musk is working with three apps that offer additional functions against the cyber bullying:

-Block Party, for example, allows you to apply blocking filters to silence and limit those mentions or posts that may contain hate messages. It also allows you to block users who have retweet or like publications, among other features.

– Bodyguard, another of the apps shown on Twitter, is capable of automatically filtering and deleting posts or messages that contain hateful messages. Among them, of racism, homophobia, misogyny or any other type of content related to cyberbullying.

– Moderate, the third application designed to combat harassment on the platform, also limits the content that can affect the user automatically. It also offers the possibility of checking if an account is real or if it is a bot. It also includes shortcuts to user blocking or muting a post or account.

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