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Twitter adds the option to mark tweets as irrelevant or offensive

Twitter has a tool that allows you to mark tweets as irrelevant, negative or annoying. This is an option known as “low votes”, which was presented in February and is available, in a limited way, for some users in Latin America, the United States and other regions of the world, both in iOS, Android and desktop version.


To make use of this alternative simply Click on the down arrow icon that appears when asking for tweets, right between the heart and share icons. Clicking on the arrow will turn it red.

It operates in a similar way to “I like” except that in this case content that the user dislikes is marked. It would ultimately be a kind of “dislike” button, although the platform prefers that it not be designated that way. As stated, they describe her as “Low Votes”.


The goal is to limit comments that are unhelpful or offensive for them to lose strength. “We are always looking for new ways to increase healthy engagement and interaction on Twitter. We are still in the learning phase of this experiment and we seek to better understand how Low Votes could help us, in the future, give greater visibility to the most relevant content for people on Twitter. At this stage, the Lowvotes are still private and have no impact on the order of the answers”, they explained to TechMarkup from the social network.

Test participants have agreed that this feature helps raise the quality of conversations on Twitter, which are known among users as the most “toxic” of all social networks. This is how this social network spread it when it made the announcement of this function, in February.


It should be noted that the platform recently released some tools to improve online conversation. In addition to the option already mentioned, presented the program bird watch to stop the spread of misinformation through that social network. The system is based on community collaboration to provide contextual information on tweets considered potentially misleading

In turn, he threw a complete guide to prevent grooming in Latin America. It is a joint effort between Twitter and Grooming Argentina, with scope in the region.

Grooming refers to the sexual harassment of children and adolescents through digital means, generally by adults who seek to establish contact for sexual purposes.


The guide, the authors remarked, “reflects the importance of Latin American societies and communities assuming an active commitment in the fight against this crime, and calls, in turn, to promote actions focused on the prevention and protection of the rights of childhood and adolescence in digital environments”.

The guide contains the interpretation and identification of behavioral, emotional and educational indicators in potential victims. It also integrates cyber security tools family for primary and secondary prevention and a description of the incorporation of said behavior as a crime in the different legislations of Latin America.

At the same time, it offers valid reporting resources and tools, such as Grooming Argentina’s GAPP application, the first in the country and the region, which allows reporting in real time; and general protection resources on Twitter, such as complaint support through its platform, and a glossary with the specific terminology used by the company.

When the tool was launched, Danya Centeno, representative of the Public Policy team of Twitter Latin America and a security specialist, said: “From Twitter we are committed to ensuring the security of all those who use our platform. This is why Twitter has a series of rules aimed at creating a safe and free environment. Likewise, we continue to work on creating alliances with organizations such as Grooming Argentina, to work together for a healthier and safer conversation for people in the digital environment.”


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