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Twitter account verification: Requests to get verified on Twitter have been disabled again.

Twitter has recently launched an improved account verification, so users can actively participate in the requests to get verified on Twitter and get their blue badge on the social network. However, the process has stopped and no further verification requests can be sent to Twitter.

The social network has been flooded with account verification requests. Twitter account verification system had been down for 4 years. Many users were eagerly looking forward to the ability to actively request verification.



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Why is Twitter verification on hold?

During that period, users were unable to independently request account verification. The social network was verifying the requests on its own. That result in a huge avalanche that forced the company to stop the process of new account verification requests. The company confirmed this news with a tweet made on its official account.

Twitter stated that due to a large number of account verification requests received in no time, the account verification form has been suspended. It is because Twitter is manually reviewing the current requests.

In any case, after nearly four years of waiting for reopening requests, Twitter, which took the time to create a new, functioning system, is now overwhelmed and paralyzed by requests a week after launching it, which seems strange. This has angered many users who have not yet made a request and want to do so. Hope the process will reopen soon.

Twitter stated that it will take some time to respond to the avalanche of verification requests. The social media platform manually checks each request to check whether the applicant meets their requirements or not.



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Anyhow, after nearly four years of waiting for reopening requests, It seems pretty strange that Twitter took more than four years to develop a new Twitter account verification system that got paralyzed by a large number of requests within a few days. All this has left many users disappointed and angered for not getting the ability to send the application of Twitter account verification.

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