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Twitch takes action against users who misinform, these are the changes


Twitter will block users who frequently share false or false information disinformation from your accounts. This is a new measure that seeks to stop the spread of harmful content.

The platform communicated, through a post on its blog, that it updated its Spam, deception and malicious conduct Policy to prohibit users who distribute harmful disinformation from using its service.

Our aim is to prohibit the use of Twitter to people whose online presence is dedicated to spreading false and harmful information”, they clarify in the text.

The platform explains that it partnered with more than a dozen researchers and experts to understand how misinformation and harmful information spreads online in order to have an effective approach for the streaming platform. In this sense, they say that they identified 3 aspects in common in all users with this behavior:

1) they tend to share widely refuted content and viral

2) They are based on conspiracy theories or other form of disinformation

3) They send this material on a recurring basis among his followers.

“We have selected these criteria because, taken together, they create the greatest risk of harm, including inciting harm in the real world. We will only enforce the regulations against actors who meet these three criteria, and our off-duty investigations team will conduct extensive reviews of each case. You can report these actors by emailing [email protected] with the account name and any available supporting evidence.

They clarify that in addition to this update, measures will continue to be taken on misinformation directed at specific communities. under its Hateful Conduct and Harassment Policy, as well as measures on content that encourages others to engage in physically harmful behavior .

“While harmful misinformation is not currently prevalent on Twitch, we understand that it can evolve very quickly, and we will continue to consult with experts to ensure that our approach to curbing its potential harm is effective, as we do with all of our security policies on Twitch.” they conclude.

In the framework of the Russian-Ukrainian war, a lot of disinformation has been spread. This is what usually happens every time there is a powerful phenomenon or that generates the attention of many users. In this context, it has been seen that the platforms began to reinforce their initiatives to combat the distribution of false or misleading content.

Last Sunday, Meta reported that pro-Russian groups are orchestrating disinformation campaigns on social media, using fake profiles or hacked accounts to portray Ukraine as a weak pawn of Western powers.

The cybersecurity team of the tech giant – parent of Facebook and Instagram – said it had blocked a set of fake accounts linked to Russia that were part of a social media scheme to undermine Ukraine.

The network of Facebook and Instagram accounts targeted people in Ukraine, using posts to try to get people to visit websites with fake news about the country’s effort to defend itself from Russia’s invasion.

Twitter, for its part, promoted its Birdwatch project, which also aims to put a stop to misinformation based on community contributions. This initiative allows users to identify information they find misleading in tweets and write notes that provide informative context. Within the framework of the pilot project that has been going on for a year, it had the contribution of 10,000 users.

Starting this week, the initiative is expanding and now a small and random group of users in the United States will see Birdwatch notes directly in some tweets. They will also be able to rate those notes in order to add context that is useful for users with different points of view.

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