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Twitch makes changes to advertising to help small streamers

The platform believes this is a problem for small, growing channels.

twitch It included advertising as a monetization option a while back, however this has had an impact on smaller streamers, who are affected by their audience leaving when watching ads.

In order to solve it, Mike Mintonthe person in charge of monetization of the application, assured in an interview with The Washington Post who feel that this advertising should be removed because it doesn’t make sense for channels that are starting to grow.

“Nobody wants a pre-roll ad when they’re trying to find a new streamer. Therefore, ads should be removed from the discovery experience to help more people find the streamers they want to find, and especially so smaller streamers don’t feel penalized by pre-rolls.” the TwitchCon.

To do this, they are working on generating another ad option such as banners that appear at the bottom of the screen and that do not interrupt the transmission, giving the balance they are looking for. “In terms of streaming opportunities, we really want to grow display ads faster than video ads,” he said.

In this way, they want to guarantee that new channels can be discovered comfortably and that there is no advertising that drives people away from the platform or changing streamers. Likewise, maintain the current modality for those creators who are already established.

Small channels would have changes to the advertising that appears and interrupts the videos.
Small channels would have changes to the advertising that appears and interrupts the videos.

Doubts about the distribution of income on Twitch

In the middle of the event Amazonthe manager also told why 70/30 contracts with content creators are unfeasible for the platform, changes that have made streamers doubt about continuing to broadcast there.

These types of contracts were reserved for certain creators, but the application ensures that “it is not viable in the long term.” Something that they also see with Amazon Prime subscriptions, from which they do not see profits for the platform to be sustainable on its own.

“The thing to understand here is that Amazon hopes that Twitch can prosper financially as an independent and sustainable business,” he said. Bearing in mind that users who have this general subscription can support a specific channel, which would be worth $5 dollars, of which $2.5 is for the creator, even if the user does not really pay that money.

Currently, the money that the streaming platform receives is to pay for its own servers, hence the rush to make changes to make it more independent. A cost that has been paid with the doubts of the stremears, who have migrated to other applications such as Youtubewhere they would have better agreements.

A whole panorama that can affect the numbers of the application, which according to data from Backlinko, in May of this year it accumulated 140 million users, with 2 billion hours of viewing every 30 days. In addition, from a base of content creators of 7.5 million.

Small channels would have changes to the advertising that appears and interrupts the videos.
Small channels would have changes to the advertising that appears and interrupts the videos.

Twitch will not allow casino and gambling broadcasts

twitch prohibited the transmission of “slots, roulette or craps” from sites that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions that offer adequate consumer protections.

In recent months the content related to betting, slots and other games of chance has skyrocketed and has generated criticism from some prominent members of the community. Play of this style has always been in the eye of the storm, but this past weekend was the last straw.

In addition to the potential problem of gambling addiction, streaming betting is driven by advertising campaigns: betting websites pay streamers to broadcast their games on the platform.

Some, like Tyler Faraz “Trainwreck” Niknam, claim they have made up to a million dollars a month from this type of advertising and have acquired huge sums live on these sites. This type of content is potentially dangerous for the Twitch audience.

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