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Twitch: 5 ways to make money streaming

5 keys to be able to profit from the Twitch platform. (photo: Unocero)
5 keys to be able to profit from the Twitch platform. (photo: Unocero)

Twitter is the most popular online streaming platform in the world with thousands of users streaming images of themselves talking, singing, playing games and while all this is being done they can interact with the audience in various ways. But beyond that, as long as you manage to have a sufficient number of viewers, also can be used to earn money.


The proprietary platform amazon is open, where all users can register free way to stream whatever they want, although the central focus looks directly at the industry of the video game.

Although Twitch started out as a basic service for streaming and watching video games, it has quickly become a source of income for many users, and many of Twitch’s most popular users earn well above the average monthly household income.

05-24-2021 Twitch logo image TWITCH POLICY
05-24-2021 Twitch logo image TWITCH POLICY

The sources of income from Twitch are many, but before explaining them, it is necessary to introduce the concept of ‘affiliates’ and also of ‘partners’



You have to meet 4 requirements:

– The first one is to get 50 followers.

– Broadcast for 8 hours (all this in 30 days).

– Stream for 7 different days.

– Have an average of at least 3 viewers.

The four requirements must be met at the same time for 30 days in order to access the affiliate program.


The requirements for the ‘partner’ are very similar to the previous ones, only more complicated: transmit 25 hours, on 12 different days and an average of 75 viewers.

However, meeting these criteria (whose progress you can check in the ‘Achievements’ section), does not guarantee that the user will be selected, It will depend entirely on the platform.

Twitch logo. (photo: Streamer Basics)
Twitch logo. (photo: Streamer Basics)

5 ways to profit on Twitch

There are a variety of options used by the successful streamers of Twitch to monetize your channels, and all of them are quite easy to implement:

1. Twitch subscriptions

Subscriptions are by far the most popular way to earn money on Twitch because they allow for the creation of a recurring revenue stream that can grow over time as more viewers sign up.

Twitch subscriptions are essentially scheduled monthly donations of $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 (the chosen amount divided 50/50 between Twitch and the streamer).

Twitch logo. (photo: Diario As)
Twitch logo. (photo: Diario Ace)


Bits, available to Twitch partners and affiliates, are a way to view support for Twitch streamers from a stream chat. basically they are ‘GIFs’ animations that users can post along with a chat message, but they must be purchased with real money.

can be linked special alerts (sound effects and graphics) to the use of bits that can help more viewers buy and use them, and viewers are also rewarded with special chat badges that have been donated to appear next to their names.

Bits on Twitch. (photo: Dexerto)
Bits on Twitch. (photo: Dexerto)

3. Affiliate links

Another good monetization option for all Twitch streamers is implement affiliate links. Basically, this involves participating in a company’s affiliate program and adding links to their products or services in your Twitch channel page description and chat. You can even do this consistently with a chatbot What ‘Nightbot’.

For example, the affiliate program of amazon it is popular due to the variety of products it offers, and the trusted name that encourages users to buy from them instead of their competitors. Amazon rewards affiliates with a percentage of the sales they send to them.

Twitch Affiliate Program. (photo: Twitch Blog)
Twitch Affiliate Program. (photo: Twitch Blog)

4. Playing Ads During Broadcast

Most people associate video ads with Twitch channel monetization, but the reality is that ads on Twitch, displayed before a stream startsare the lowest income options of all.

Announcements are only available to Twitch partners And while they can bring in some extra cash, it’s best not to rely solely on them as your main source of monetization.

Instead, it’s best to use Twitch Ads in conjunction with some or all of the other methods outlined so far in this article.

Twitch ads. (photo: Movistar eSports - Diario As)
Twitch ads. (photo: Movistar eSports – Diario As)

5. Sponsorships

Just like how you can make money like ‘influencer‘ from Instagram supporting products and services on that platform, many Twitch streamers also get paid to do the same thing during their streams.

Some examples of streamer sponsorships include fashion brands, food and drink, video games, computer hardware and accessories, and websites.

Create business cards with the Twitch channel, including real information and present it to the employees of the company or companies with which you want to work (or collaborate) is a good idea to start.

How much looks more professional someone is more likely to think of one the next time they want to promote a product.

Twitch sponsorships. (photo: Esports Bureau)
Twitch sponsorships. (photo: Esports Bureau)


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