Tutorial to play Fortnite on iPhones through the Xbox cloud

The fun is here for Apple users. It will be two years since Epic Games sued the bitten apple for the commissions it charges for App Store sales. This situation made Fortnite unavailable on the online shop, but it is now possible to run the Battle Royale from the Xbox cloud.


It should be noted that the availability of Fortnite via xbox cloud does not require payment for the cloud service, does not require to be subscribed to the Xbox GamePass, so the title follows its nature of being free for everyone. According to Microsoft and Epic Games, you just need to go to and have a Microsoft account to start playing Fortnite on iPhone and iPad.

the services of Xbox CloudGaming they are still being approved, so their operation is unstable and access is limited to 26 countries, including Spain and Mexico. In addition to the possibility of playing Fortnite Through this platform, users can tap into Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud.


the youtuber Eiva07 posted a tutorial so you can run Fortnite on Apple devices without problems through the Xbox cloud. It also specifies the method for the title to be available on PCs and Android devices that are not compatible with the Epic Games Launcher.

FORTNITE | How to link PC and PlayStation account

  • Go to the Epic Games website and sign in or create your account if you don’t have one.
  • Once you’re logged in, go to your account page and look for the tab on the left that says Connections.
  • Under the Connections tab, switch to Accounts where you’ll see options to connect with GitHub, Twitch, Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Select any of the services you want to link your account to, and when asked if you want to continue to the external site and provide them with more information, confirm your choice.

Following these steps will link the player’s account and sync all their progress and profile. Now you can easily download and play on a PS4 or PC with the same account.


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