Trojan War Premium (free): Fight alongside the Greek gods

Trojan War Premium

I’m a big strategy fan and I couldn’t stop myself this week and bring you another strategy game. So if you like action movies like Troy or 300 then this game is for you.

  • Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta is available for free on the Play Store for the next 4 days.
  • The actual price is 0.99 euros.
  • An excellent strategy game in every way.
  • BUT: A lot of user data is collected

If your mortal shell is decades old, chances are you’ve spent hours playing games like Stick War Legacy. Years later, the formula is still as captivating as it was back then. Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta brings the best of that era and combines it with new features in an ancient Greek setting.


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In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the game is addicting enough that I can, despite the dubious advertisements kept playing.

  • Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta can be downloaded for free

Why download “Trojan War Premium:: Legend of Sparta” is worth it

Trojan War Premium game
At least Homer didn’t have to endure advertising back then. / © NextPit

“Trojan War Premium: Krieger von Sparta”, as the game is called in the German version, has a lot to offer for a simple stick war clone. The graphics are beautiful and well polished, the UI elements are also well done and you get a wide range of content and missions.

In the single-player campaign you will help the Achaeans to conquer the city of Troy. Through a series of missions, you can unlock new units and skills that will help you on the battlefield.


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Trojan War Premium download
The graphics are amazing! / © NextPit

When you are on the battlefield, the tried and tested formula applies: You hire “hunters” who collect resources for you. You can then use these to build troops with different abilities, values ​​and skills. Swordsmen, for example, are expendable and quick to manufacture, while hoplites act as armor that absorbs enemy damage.

What is really unfortunate is that the only real downside to the game is a very big one: I’m talking about advertising! After each battle, advertisements are shown that destroy a large part of the good experience that the game offers.

A less obvious problem is the level of difficulty, because the first levels will feel extremely easy for experienced players, and increasing the level of difficulty doesn’t really change that much. But don’t worry, after all units are unlocked the battles will be really difficult!


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Does Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta respect my privacy?

Again, we cannot spare you criticism of the game. I mean, the developer is literally called MegaAds Games. With a quick search, we could not find any data protection guidelines, which can be problematic.

As always with Android apps, we checked the game for trackers and permissions using the Exodus privacy platform. As you would expect from a company that focuses on the analysis of advertising, the game contains 10 (!!) trackers and requires 10 permissions. The permissions seem to be in line with the features, but the trackers are a huge minus, especially with such a well-crafted and fun game. So be warned.

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