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Training at home: they create a smart mirror with more than 1,000 exercise routines

The usual thing if a person wants to get in shape and be healthy, is to eat well and join the gym. At least this is the most common way for people to embrace a healthier lifestyle, including sports in their daily routine.


However, with the arrival of the technology more innovative, devices Like the Smart Watchesconnected sports equipment or remote personal trainers, homes have become the best gym.

In 2018 it was possible to discover the mirror to play sports Mirror, a great innovation for the world of exercise. Since the appearance of this wearable, several companies have launched their own versions and fit becomes one more of the list and your smart mirror comes with some advantages that others don’t.


This is the technology to establish a daily exercise routine in a mirror

Placing a mirror in an area dedicated to exercise may seem like an exercise in hedonism, but in this case it is justified if the mirror that a person wants to install is fit.


This technological device, hidden inside the decorative element, wants to position itself as an option to be taken into account by those who prefer to exercise in the tranquility of their home. The smart mirror acts as a personal assistant and has innovative features, which will be detailed below.

The company values ​​its creation and offers some features to highlight. First of all, this mirror includes the motion engine technology, that will allow scanning the way in which we perform the different exercises, being able to correct the posture to obtain the best results.

In addition, since you are not in front of a touch screen, the way to interact with the device will be done through gestures, that will allow the user to start the exercises or assess their own fitness.


Fitture also includes a repetition control, detecting each movement to offer a follow-up that allows improving the performance of the athlete.

This smart mirror can sync up with your own application, which will be very useful for users, since it will be possible to manage the different sports available, in addition to having access to advanced statistics in each of the user’s sessions.

For a better parameterization, Fiture allows sync heart rate monitors or smart watches with which to measure the activity carried out live.

We are before a mirror that has a pair of buttons on its side, being able to use them to manage the turning on and off of the product, in addition to the volumewhich can be managed from the app itself.

By the way, Fiture has a stereo speaker system inside the huge screen, which is 43 inches in size, and has a U-shaped stand.

The product is launched on the North American market with a price of USD $ 1,495 and it is available in five colors.

Lastly, it is important to mention the monthly subscriptionwhich is not included in the purchase of the product, and which amounts to a total of $39 a month.

This price includes the possibility of create until 7 user profiles Y unlimited access to all classes, including sports such as:

– Pilates

– Boxing

– Yoga

– Cardio.

Without a doubt, the fashion for this type of sports device is on the rise, although its high price is usually one of the determining factors when it comes to adapting to the daily routine. This mirror wants to immerse the user in the gym at home and its first product is a declaration of intent.

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