Trailers, posters and controversy over animation: this is “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero”, the next Dragon Ball movie

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Gohan, Goku’s son, must face the new android threat. (Toei Animation)

The new adventures of Goku and his friends. After the success that meant Dragon Ball Super: Brolyno one wants to miss the next movie in theaters in the history created by Akira Toriyama. The franchise recently celebrated 36 years of its first appearance on television, however, it does not stop entertaining the new generations and these days it released posters, images and new previews of its next adventure: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

come back the Red Ribbon. This is a military organization with amazing progress in robotics and science that Goku exterminated when he was a child but later returned through Dr. Gero, will have a new episode within this story. This time, the powerful enemies to defeat will be Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 who want to avenge their predecessors.

A few days ago the synopsis of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: “In the past, Goku destroyed the evil Red Ribbon Army organization. But the will of the villains lives on! Now that they have been revived, the Red Ribbon Army creates new androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, and begin their process of revenge. Piccolo soon becomes aware of this disturbing activity and infiltrates the Red Patrol base. There he discovers an unimaginable weapon that could end the Earth. Pan will be kidnapped to make Gohan go to the base. There, he too will join the fight and start an unprecedented super battle. Where will this fight to the death take us? And, above all, what fate awaits Earth?

The advances of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero revealed that the story takes place several years after the events of the anime and movie Broli. Gohan and Piccolo they have been training together during this stage given the facts of the last enemies. Gohan he will reach his -new- definitive form, but he will also return to his old uniform. Piccolo, for his part, seems to have found a next state in his power, although he does not promise a great change in physical appearance as the Saiyans express it.

The production will premiere in Japan on April 22. (Toei Animation)

Back on the enemy side, one of the scenes from the trailer shows a huge tank in the facility of the Red patrol who could be the secret weapon and/or the ultimate villain of the movie. as it happened with Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Three Saiyans or in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion, There could still be news from the enemies’ side when it comes time to fight the last hurdle. In addition, in the posters and in some images of the trailer, more characters seem to be involved and, to highlight, the inseparable friends. goten and trunks already teenagers.

In addition to the rumors and theories about the secret enemy and issues related to the film’s plot, another point of contention regarding the film is the type of animation. Your manager, Tetsuro Kodamamade it clear that he is very comfortable with the use of CGI animation for this new chapter within Dragon Ball Super: “We have a mission to break down barriers and help attract new fans,” he said days before the latest release. The good news is that this modification has the full endorsement of Akira Toriyama who is involved in the project developed by Toei Animation.

On April 22 it opens in Japan and it is expected that shortly after it will hit theaters in Latin America.