Trailer, synopsis and release date of ‘Garfield’: Chris Pratt voices the lasagna-eating cat

Garfield was born in a comic strip developed by Jim Davis to appear in the newspapers. His fame increased rapidly, and the charisma of this orange cat was too great to be limited to accompanying the news. Garfield is an animal that loves to be home and eat (especially lasagna); he doesn’t love that much on Monday nor your accompanying pet, Odie the puppy, just as it dislikes being away from its owner. His name in Latin America, John Bonachon, describes him in an exemplary way. Better than the original John Arbuckle.

The point is that Garfield and his friends dazzled the public starting in 1978, starring in several cartoon series until between 2004 and 2006 they developed two live action movies. In them Garfield became a CGI animal and dubbed him Bill Murray; at least originally, here in Spain we had to see it with the voice of Carlos Latre. Some time later, there are those who think that Garfield would deserve his own computer animated film, and here it is.

‘Garfield’- synopsis

Still from ‘Garfield’

Sony Animation has stood up Garfield: The Movie, wanting to take the lazy feline on the greatest adventure of his life. Garfield is an eminently domestic cat, who prefers to sit quietly eating rather than wondering what the street has in store for him. It is a radically different behavior from that of his father Vicwho suddenly reappears in his life and both Garfield and Odie have to accompany him on a risky journey.

Such is the plot of the film, which, as usual in Hollywood, features in its original version very famous voices from the star system. To begin with, it is Chris Pratt dubbing the titular character: shortly after voicing Super Mario in the hit film of the same name Illumination Entertainment (the second highest grossing so far this year), will now do the same with Garfield. She joins him in other roles Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein (both arrived from Ted Lasso), Nicholas Hoult and Ving Rhames.

Samuel L. Jackson He has reserved a main role, as Garfield’s father. The director is on the other hand Mark Dindalin whose resume we find The emperor and his follies and Chicken Little: both produced by disney without being counted among the most celebrated of the study.

‘Garfield’- trailer and poster

The first trailer published by Sony investigates a matter that the comics and drawings of Garfield They had barely discussed: the origins of the cat, and how he met John Bónachon. So the trailer shows us an endearing image according to which Garfield is a stray cat puppy (style Oliver and his gang) who suddenly runs into John having dinner at an Italian restaurant. The food there smells wonderful, and John makes the mistake of giving him a slice of pizza.

Then Garfield begins to destroy all the edible supplies in the store, giving a fortuitous explanation as to where his love for lasagna comes from. This nice episode takes up most of the trailer, although later Vic is also seen and how his appearance will turn Garfield’s life (and Odie’s) upside down.

Parallel to the trailer, Sony has also released a poster where we can see Garfield with his unmistakable expression and a mug with his own message. And who doesn’t hate Mondays?

'Garfield' poster
‘Garfield’ poster

‘Garfield’- release date

Sony has set the release date for Garfield he May 24, 2024, in American and British cinemas. For now in Spain we have to settle for a “Soon”but surely the final date is not very far from the one chosen in the first place by the distributor.

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