Trailer and release date for ‘Secrets of a Scandal’ with Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman

Whether trying to remember the forms of classic melodrama, in case of Far from the sky or lesbian drama carolor trying to be groundbreaking, as in I’m Not There either Velvet Goldminethe Californian Todd Haynes He is one of the most interesting voices within the American film scene and his proposals rarely leave anyone indifferent. Another good proof of this is Secrets of a scandal with which he has had a luxury female partner, Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.

Portman plays Elizabeth an actress who in turn will play the protagonist of a case that shocked public opinion years agoand she has been lucky that the real protagonist herself has agreed to receive her in her home so that she can create and develop the fictional character.

The event that made the front page of the media is inspired by another real case, that of Mary Kay Letourneaua married teacher and mother of three children who was accused of having sexual relations with one of her students, 13 years old. She was sentenced to a prison sentence, after leaving prison she saw the boy again, she became pregnant by him and she had to serve 7 more years in prison this time accused of rape.

Haynes’ film, based on these real events, will introduce us to Elizabeth and also Gracie, Julianne Moore’s character, 20 years later and married to the young man for whom she was convicted, now her husband, 23 years younger than her (and also very close in age to Elizabeth’s).

After being presented at the last Cannes Film Festival, and also being screened these days in San Sebastián in the Perlak section, the film will be released in the United States and in a limited number of theaters on November 17, a few days before landing on the Netflix platform on December 1 (honoring its original title of May December).

As for Spaindistribution will be handled by Diamond Films and the premiere It will happen exclusively in theaters on December 1st.

It will be time not only to be able to see two enormous actresses together on the screen in an unusual interpretative duel, and also to be able to see why Todd Haynes’ new It is not leaving anyone indifferent either., dividing opinions wherever it goes. Meanwhile, we will have to settle for the first trailer released by Netflix.

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