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Top tips for growing on Twitch

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms. Although it focuses on video game streaming, the truth is that it has also gained popularity in other sectors: from journalism to gastronomy. Many communicators and influencers use it to give talks, advice and share a space with their followers.


1. Complete the profile

The first step to get started on this platform is to establish a complete profile detailing, among other things, a basic description of the profile or user so that future audiences know what to expect. It is also important to establish a profile picture, and data from other social networks where you can follow the news.


2. Be consistent

This is a tip that is valid for Twitch as well as for any other social network. Building an audience takes time, effort and perseverance. It is necessary for the user to establish a minimum number of live shows that he will do per week and maintain that frequency. It is not possible to grow in this market if there is no regular contact with the audience. Making weekly plans can be of great help to achieve this goal.


3. Work as a team

This is key to Twitch and to life in general. One person alone cannot absorb all the tasks. Therefore, it is best to combine efforts to go further. Thus, for example, it would be convenient to collaborate with another streamer once a week or every fortnight. They could, for example, share a game and comment on it.

It is also convenient to designate one or two moderators who are in charge of organizing the channel since many times there are users who attack or send spam. The moderators or mods have the task of bringing order, and for that they answer questions, establish priorities and expel those who seek to generate discord.


4. Make use of Bits

The platform offers a digital token called Bits and is used to send messages, with emojis, in the chat. These messages, which are different from the rest and are paid, are called Cheers. Streamers who are part of the affiliate program receive a penny per Bit that can be used within the platform or withdrawn in various ways.

5. Add third-party services

Twitch allows you to add various applications that can be useful to incorporate functions. It is possible, for example, to use Social Media Popup, to share the user’s profile on other social networks; or KapChat to take screenshots of the chat.

6. Stream games

Twitch can not only be useful for streaming PC games but also offers the option to stream from Xbox One and PS4. On both platforms, this option is accessed from the Settings menu.

Another point to keep in mind when choosing which games to stream. Usually the most popular titles tend to attract more audience. Choosing Apex Legends or Fall Guys, which has a large number of users, is not the same as opting for an indie title.

7. Analyze the content

The Channel Analytics page provides detailed information about the revenue, viewers, and engagement statistics that are posted to the account. This is very important so that streamers can understand their audience and therefore develop strategies that help them focus efforts on increasing their reach to the public.

To go to Channel Analytics, click Data and then Channel Analytics via the Dashboard icon. By default, the Channel Analytics page shows data for the last 30 days, but you can change that time and choose a custom interval.


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