Top Gun: Maverick isn’t just about cash. The first reactions even speak of the movie of the year

Produced in 1986, “Top Gun” has enjoyed the status of a cult film for years. However, returning to the same heroes almost 40 years later did not seem like the best idea. It was hard to resist the impression that we will get a jump on the cash register only based on nostalgia. Fortunately, it looks like Tom Cruise and company did the “six” job. The first reactions are full of delight.


There is no doubt that “Top Gun” is one of the best films about aviation and one of the more iconic roles of Tom Cruise. Tony Scott’s production, 36 years after its premiere, will finally see a sequel in the form of “Top Gun: Maverick”. The new film was originally scheduled to debut in July 2019, but suffered several delays along the way. First, the creators asked to postpone the release date in order to be able to refine the complicated scenes of air combat, and then the coronavirus pandemic fell to the world.

Ultimately, the fans of “Top Gun” had to wait for Part 2 even longer than everyone had hoped, but it was clearly worth being patient. At least that’s what most journalists who saw “Top Gun: Maverick” at an ongoing industry event called CinemaCon think so. Paramount Pictures stood out from the competition and brought the entire film there instead of an opening scene or a few takes. It turned out to be a bull’s eye, because the same delight flows from Las Vegas.


Top Gun: Maverick is said to be the “perfect blockbuster” or even “best movie of the year”.

The trailers for “Top Gun: Maverick” clearly suggested that we would be dealing with a visually impressive production and this time it was not just a clever marketing ploy. The first viewers of the production praise this element of the film from every angle. They say it’s even better than the original “Top Gun”. Great fight choreography, exciting editing and wonderful camera shots reportedly made Top Gun: Maverick one of the best blockbusters of 2022 by far.



A lot of praise also goes to Tom Cruise, for whom this is to be one of the best performances in recent years. Some journalists also welcomed Val Kilmer who returned to playing after a very hard fight with a throat cancer . Importantly, “Top Gun: Maverick” in the first opinions appears to be an extremely emotional film, deep and even containing interesting geopolitical references. Many recipients explicitly admit on Twitter that they genuinely cried.

So are we dealing with flawless production? Not all reviewers think so. Even those who liked “Top Gun: Maverick” emphasize that the plot of the film is very similar to that of the original. The most touching and thrilling moments are also often a reference to Scott’s production. Which means it doesn’t make much sense to watch a sequel without seeing “Top Gun” first. This, however, was to be expected from the very beginning.



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