The return of Tom Cruiseor rather, from his character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell to the elite school for United States fighter pilots in Top Gun: Maverick Can you rate it, just like the original movie of tony scott from 1986, from “American” for its topics, praises, symbolisms and epics typical of the country?

Well, everyone will have their opinion, but the truth is that this sequel was not only received with an enthusiasm and blockbuster that surprised locals and strangers on its own territory, in the United States, when it premiered in May of last year but outside its borders the success has also been enormous.

And also probably, not even its main star, a Tom Cruise once again assuming the riskiest action scenes and piloting planes, without the help of any double, nor its director joseph kosinski they could have imagined such a commercial reception. And still much less than the return of Maverick reached so deep in countries as disparate as Japan.

And it is that there, on Japanese soil, according to Deadline, it has been in theaters for a whole year. An unimaginable scenario today, in times of platform of streamingand for years now anywhere in the world. A film enduring on the big screens for twelve months, and more.

It premiered in Japan on May 27 last year. and it is becoming the most successful movie starring Cruise. cumulative leads $101.5 million and it is one step away from exceeding the 119.2 it raised The last Samurai in 2003.

It is also about to become in the country, outside the United States, where Top Gun: Maverick more has entered. At the moment it is only exceeded by the 103.5 million harvested in the United Kingdom. In the global calculation, it has flown very high at the box office worldwide with an impressive 1,493 million dollars enteredof which 718, 7, almost half, have been obtained in the United States.

At the Oscars he received six nominations, including best film, although he finally had to settle with getting only the best sound.

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