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Top 9 of the funniest and most viral videos of Holy Week

During this Holy Week and a few days before, a large amount of content went viral on the networksas usually happens on other important dates for users: whether they are religious celebrations, such as national holidays or other types of holidays.


On this occasion, religious content was popularized, alluding to this Christian holiday; as well as many clips related to rest that could be enjoyed during these days. Plus, a lot of material circulated that appeals to humor. Thus, videos of errors, loss of balance and other material that are mentioned below were seen.

1. A scare that was almost a fall


In the video you can see how the person who represented Jesus almost fell from the cross that was carried through the streets as part of a Via Crucis. Fortunately, it was just a scare since the people who were next to him were able to hold him before it hit the ground.

a viral video during a via crucis

2. They ask for respect


During a scene of the Via Crucis, the actor representing Jesus says “today you will be in paradise with me” and the audience is then heard whistling. Whoever directs the act requests silence and respect for that moment.

3. A “divine punishment”

humor about a supposed divine punishment for “hitting a little god”, in a representation of Holy Week

In the video you can see a group of actors who seek to recreate the whipping that Jesus received before being sacrificed. The man who represented one of the Roman soldiers, as soon as he gives the first whip to the one who was acting as Jesus, falls face down on the ground, something that aroused comments from the audience. The content went viral with the following comment “For hitting Diosito”, alluding to the fact that this fall was a kind of divine punishment. Everything was taken with a humor.


4. A cross made from beer crates

man carrying cross-shaped beer crates

Another of the videos that went viral shows a man dressed in ancient clothes carrying a cross made of empty beer crates. He also carries this drink in his hand, while moving down the street.

5. The altar falls

The altar falls in Holy Week

In this video you can see how after going down a small step of the church, those who carried the altar lose their balance and it falls. As can be seen, small falls or minor accidents that end in laughter usually generate a spike in views on the networks.

6. He escapes from the whipping

escapes from the whipping in the representation of the way of the cross and accidentally hits someone with the cross

In this case, you can see in the video how the actor who represents Jesus seeks to dodge the lashes that the other actor who acts as a Roman soldier hits him with. Apparently the blows were stronger than expected, so they seek to escape from that situationbut in doing so, he runs a few steps and accidentally hits the person who was there.

7. Dodge punches

actor escapes whipping in performance

Following the same imprint of the previous video, in this material it is seen how the actor who plays Jesus in a Via Crucis, not only seeks to avoid the blows that the man who represents a soldier inflicts on him, but also He also decides to kick a few kicks to ward off the lashes. This is how he is seen dodging the situation, using his whole body, and without losing his balance even though he has his arms tied to the cross.

8. The dog defends it by barking

dog defends the actor who is representing Jesus

Pets are always a trend on social media and this one was no exception. Here you can see how a dog does not stop barking while watching the representation of the moments that precede the crucifixion of Jesus. The dog was trying to take care of the actor who received mistreatment within the framework of the performance. As he can imagine, he is not able to understand that it is a representation and reacts believing that the person is going through a situation of real abuse.

9. Nazarene Kitten

kitten dressed as a Nazarene at Easter

In these days they have circulated a lot of videos of cats and dogs dressed as Nazarenes. Here, one of the many clips that can be seen in which users used their imagination to dress up their little animals. There were also very popular videos in which different pets are not only characterized in this way, but also placed on robotic vacuum cleaners so that they move around the home in this way.


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