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Top 6 Hidden Tricks to Use on an Apple Watch

Apple Watch Ultra. (photo: Men’s Health)

The Apple Watch it’s a device which has become an essential element for most users who enjoy it on a daily basis. Well, in this article TechMarkup presents 6 tricks that will help you get more out of it Smart watch of Manzana which is always carried on the wrist, making it even more useful.


Most users are aware of the main functions that these everyday devices can perform, but there are others that are a bit hidden and can greatly improve the user experience.

1. Change sphere automatically


The Apple Watch is not just an electronic device, but as a watch, it will inevitably become a fashion item that users will be able to personalize thanks to the ability to change the ‘dials’.

But, surely many readers did not know that they can make the faces of the Apple Watch change automatically. You just have to follow the following steps:


– Open the app shortcuts in the iPhone.

– Go to tab Automation.

– Click on the icon ‘+’ located at the top right of the screen.

– Select Create personal automation.

– Click on time of day and select the hour to which you want the Apple Watch to change faces. You will also have to select if you want this automation to be carried out every day, only some days of the week or only some specific days of the month. When finished click Following.

– Click on add actionput in the search engine, “AppleWatch” and select Define sphere.

– Click on the word “Sphere” and select the one you want to be established at the marked time.

– Click on Following.

– disable option ‘Request confirmation’ and click on Okay.

Apple Watch trick to change the faces automatically. (photo: Apple Lovers)
Apple Watch trick to change the faces automatically. (photo: Apple Lovers)

2. Use Siri without being called

Having an Apple Watch on your wrist means Siri I am too. Users are used to saying the famous “Hey Siri” command to summon her and perform the desired action.

However, this does not have to be the case with the Apple Watch, because the moment the user bring the Apple Watch to your mouth, you can order whatever you want.

To use this feature, you need to enable Raise to Speak by going to the Watch app on your iPhone. The path is: My watch > Siri > Raise to speak.

3. View the menu in list format

By default, Apple Watch shows all Applications that have been installed on it as a screen. It is a very attractive view and allows you to quickly access and touch all the apps.

However, they can also be seen in the form of ready using DigitalCrown to scroll through them. To set up this view, open the Watch app on iPhone and tap App layout > View as list.

Tricks for an Apple Watch. (photo: Apple Tricks and more)
Tricks for an Apple Watch. (photo: Apple Tricks and more)

4. Monitor for iPhone camera

One of the applications installed by default on the Apple Watch is that of the camera.

Obviously, the Apple Watch doesn’t have a lens for taking photos, but this app has a feature that can control the iPhone’s camera so that you can see exactly what you would see on the iPhone on the Apple Watch, so you can take photos. or videos without touching the cell phone.

5. Activate the use of gestures

The first step is to activate the function Assistive Touch, either:

– Since the Settings of the Apple Watch entering Accessibility.

– Or from the Watch app of the iPhone, also having to enter the aforementioned menu of Accessibility to find the option.

Once you do, you must enter hand gestures and enable this option as well. By activating the gestures function, you will be able to find a visual guide of what these gestures are like.

Basically, it involves pinching your thumb and forefinger once or twice and making a fist once or twice as well. All this, with the same hand in which the Apple Watch is worn, of course. Without leaving that configuration menu, different actions can be configured of those four gestures by clicking on each of them.

Tricks for an Apple Watch. (photo: Apple Tricks and more)
Tricks for an Apple Watch. (photo: Apple Tricks and more)

6. Mute incoming calls

One of the main functions of the Apple Watch is to manage all the notifications of the iPhone, including phone calls.

However, this can be inconvenient in some situations, as a call may be received on the Apple Watch when you are unable or unwilling to answer it.

Well, if you want to pause the sound, all you have to do is place your palm on the screen until a vibration is felt.

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